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Political Environment Case Study (Case Study Sample)

Read the Case Study, When Politics Trumps Policy, in Ch. 10 of Justice Administration. Answer the four questions that follow the case study. Elaborate on your answers in a 700- to 1,050-word paper and explain your reasoning. Format your paper consistent When Politics Trumps Policy For 2 years, you have been director of a prison system for adults in a medium-sized state. As a result of revenue shortfalls for several years, it has been a constant struggle to keep a full labor force in your state's 10 prisons and to lure professional staff members to work and live in the more rural areas where they are located. During the past 6 months, however, you have managed to assemble a fine staff of wardens and other subordinates in the prisons and have implemented a number of policies that provide for educational, vocational, and treatment opportunities, which have been gaining national attention for their effectiveness. Recidivism has been reduced to 30 percent, and your policies are beginning to be accepted by staff and citizens alike. Running a “Take Back the Streets” anticrime campaign, a politically inexperienced person (formerly a popular college quarterback playing at a state university) was recently elected governor. The new governor has just sent you a letter stating in effect that your institution is not the “Ritz” and demanding that all “frivolous, mamby-pamby programs teaching the ABCs and where cons learn how to hammer nails” cease immediately. He asks for your written response, a plan for tightening security, and the implementation of tougher inmate programs within 1 month. Questions for Discussion 1. How would you respond? Would you just capitulate and end some or all of these programs? Explain your answer. 2. Is there any room to negotiate with the governor? As a trade-off, would you offer to put in place some programs that are known to be tough on inmates? If so, what kind? 3. Before dismantling your policies and programs, would you attempt to see how much internal and external support you have for them? If yes, whom would you contact and how? 4. How might you go about demonstrating how successful your policies have been? source..
POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT CASE STUDY Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Question one How I would respond to the governor`s request to stop the implementation of educational, vocational and treatment policies. If confronted with the idea of having to close all the educative, vocational and opportunities` for treatment that I have established over the last six months as the prison director for all the adult prison, I will not immediately shut down the programs. It is important to realize and appreciate the difficulty that was involved in identifying, starting and financing these programs. It takes a lot of resources and will power to start educative, vocational and medical programs within ten prisons in under two years. It takes even more commitment to struggle with the worst of economy so as to be able to source staff and willing donors to support such a project. When the project has just lasted six months and is barely picking up course, the worst thing to do will be to acknowledge and consent to a letter from the governor of the state asking to shut down these programs. It will be indeed hard to agree or even consider the governor`s request. However, since it is the governor of the state who has spoken, it will not be possible for me to pretend that there was no request made, bury my head in the sand and act as though no request has been made. I would consider the possibility of using all the available resources and indeed options to ensure that the programs are not tampered with. The least I could do as the head of the prisons system is to try and c...
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