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Pearl Jam's Dispute with Ticketmaster (Case Study Sample)


this is an analysis of the attached case study, please follow the instructions below, contact me if you have any questions
1. Read the case relatively quickly.
2. Re-read the case w/the eye of a consultant.
3. Write a brief intro paragraph addressing major facts, players, etc. Try and keep
to one paragraph.
4. Provide a written discussion with an analysis of the issues in the case.
5. MOST IMPORTANT IS TO offer some advise/recommendations, using the attached class chapter reading.
6. Within your discussion, analysis, and advice/recommendations be sure to apply
the assigned reading/theory. Try and reference as much as you can from the
reading. Take theory and put it into practice.
7. Try and keep your submission to approximately 2-3 pages.
make they show how to apply the theories in the paper to the case study


Case Study #5 Analysis: Pearl Jam's Dispute with Ticketmaster
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A lawsuit was initiated by the rock band Pearl Jam against the Ticket master in regard to the Ticketmaster having violated rules. Pearl Jam argues that Ticketmaster has the intention of monopolizing the ticket service industry. Following the memorandum that was filled on 6th May 1994 with the Antitrust Division of the US department of justice, Pearl Jam claimed that Ticketmaster has an absolute monopoly in regard to the issuing of concert tickets (Buller & Schuler, 2012). Patent laws contribute to the creation of monopolies in innovations while copyrights bring together different monopolies of artistic works. In addition, Peral Jam has a legal monopoly regarding any performances or songs that they produce. On the other hand, Ticketmaster does not have a monopoly on tickets, but its rivals were unable to keep up with the competition.
Therefore, Pearl Jam should not be filing a lawsuit against Ticketmaster because the company does not seem to have violated any rules. In addition, Ticketmaster is not a monopoly but happens to be offering services that consumers find preferable as compared to those being offered by other companies in the same industry. Ticketmaster focuses on securing long-term agreements by ensuring that all planned shows occur. However, they tend to charge a higher amount of money for their tickets, but this acts as an assu

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