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Mock trial assign (Case Study Sample)

Instructions: Go to this website above and answer all these questions please. 1. What did you find to be the most persuasive argument of the Crown Attorneys and why? 2. What did you find to be the most persuasive argument of the Defence Counsel and why? 3. What one part of the court process did you think could be improved on and why? 4. What did you think the jury's verdict should have been and why? Please place your answer paragraph(s) immediately after the question, by question. For each question, please be specific in your response and explain your answer. is not to exceed 1 single-sided page in length, single spaced, Times New Roman 12 font. 275 words please source..

The mock trials assignment
1 What did you find to be the most persuasive argument of the Crown Attorneys and why? 
Crown Attorneys were most persuasive in the argument that Mr. Howard was guilty of assault. A person is guilty of assault when it is evident that they have applied force to another individual without their consent as defined in the criminal code section 266. The Crown Attorneys are persuasive in arguing ou...
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