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Mini Scenarios (Cases) (Case Study Sample)


There are three mini hypotheticals for you to analyze and write in the IRAC format. Please identify the issue, give the rule of law, and then analyze. Lastly conclude to the issue.
1. Art attended a backyard party at Barb’s house where friends from his class were celebrating their college graduation. While Barb was grilling steaks in the corner of her backyard, smoke from the grill drifted into the adjacent yard of her neighbor Carol, irritating Carol’s eyes and causing her to suffer a painful cough. Carol called over the fence to Barb, asking that Barb turn off the grill because the smoke was hurting Carol’s eyes and throat. Barb ignored Carol, who was forced to go back inside her house to avoid the smoke. Has Barb committed any intentional torts against Carol? Discuss.
2. Sarah decided to hold a garage sale. She posted signs in the neighborhood which read: “Giant Garage Sale — Electronic keyboard: $200 (one only), designer clothes, CD’s, Books and More! Sunday, Noon to 4:00 p.m.” 
On Sunday, Alex saw one of Sarah’s signs, and arrived at her home promptly at noon. He examined the keyboard and then announced, “I’ll take the keyboard for $200, but first I need to get a truck to move it home. I’ll be back before 4:00 with the money and a truck.” Before Sarah could respond, he left. Is there an enforceable contract between Alex and Sarah? Discuss. 
Criminal Law
3. Scott and Billy were involved in the transportation and distribution of illegal drugs. Billy delivered the drugs to distribution points throughout the city. Scott suspected, correctly, that Billy was being followed by undercover drug enforcement officers. Scott hired Bud to be Billy's bodyguard and told Bud that Billy needed protection from thieves because Billy delivered rare jewels. Bud's assignment was to follow Bill at a distance and protect him from assault.
One day Bud saw a man confront Billy, hold him, and begin to search him. Billy resisted vigorously. Bud ran up and beat the man severely about the head, killing him. A police officer arrived and arrested Billy and Bud. The man Bud killed was Vic, an undercover drug enforcement officer who was lawfully arresting Billy. 
Bud is charged with the murder of Vic, what defenses should he offer if any? Discuss


Mini Cases

In this case Barb’s grilling is causing smoke to drift on Carol’s compound. The smoke from the grill is also causing Carol’s irritation in her eyes and some painful coughs. As such, the smoke from the grill is causing Carol discomfort and nuisance. When Barb is informed, she does not turn off the grill or make any changes to avert the situation; instead she remains adamant to her actions.
In light of the situation, the law that will apply in this case is the Intentional Tort, which covers civil wrong doing from intentional acts. This will apply to the aspect of inflicti...
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