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Los Angeles v. Patel (Case Study Sample)


For this assignment, you will locate a court case involving a hotel registry and privacy issues. You may use the CSU
Online Library to locate a case. Please be sure to reference your source using APA Style. Once you have read and
understand the case, write a three page paper following the directions below.
The format will be according to APA Style (typed, double-spaced) and in four parts:
1. Part One is a summary. In this segment of the paper, provide an in-depth summary of the court case. Include
what precipitated the case. This summary should be in your own words, using quotes to support what you have
2. Part Two presents the arguments. Here, you should present the arguments made in the case. Essentially, you will
discuss what the attorneys for the plaintiff and the defendant argued for their respective client(s).
3. Part Three presents the outcome/ruling. Discuss the outcome and ruling. You should include the ways the court
used the arguments of the parties to create their ruling, opinion, or verdict.
4. Part Four presents your reaction. You are to provide your reaction (insightful, critical, and logical) to the points
made in the case including the ruling, opinion, or verdict. A simple statement of agreement or disagreement is not
enough. While you may make such a statement by way of introduction to your reaction, you must clearly and
logically state the reasons for the position that you have taken.


Los Angeles v. Patel
Part One: Summary
The city of Los Angeles v. Patel, is one of the cases that has challenged the constitutionality of the some of the laws and the aspects of privacy especially when referring to hotels and their client's information. In this case, Ramilaben Patel and Naranjibhai, own and operate a number of motels in Los Angeles. The hotly contested issues on the case relates to the fact that, the Los AngelesMunicipal Code, otherwise referred to as the LAMC, dictates that the motel owners should at all-time maintain a detailed record of the clients information, which the police can request at any given time without the need of a search warrant(, 2015). The Patels had filed a suit in which they argued that the LAMC violated their fourth amendment right that protected them and their clients from unreasonable searches. However, the city of los angles had argued that motels and hotels are highly regulated businesses and were subject to search without warranty for the same. When the court case was heard, the trial court first held that the city of Los Angeles had the right to search the motels without the search warrant, and thus was not a violation of the fourth amendment. The three judge verdict at the Court Of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit also upheld the same decision(, 2015). However, at the rehearing at en banc, this ruling was reversed, siting that though the inspections of the motels constitute a search under the fourth amendment, it is also unreasonable not to offer the motel owners the chance for a judicial review.
Part Two: The Arguments
According to the plaintiffs of the case in which case are the Patels, their argument was based on the rights of the fourth amendment. Ideally in their argument, the police of the city of LosAngeles do not have the right to bulge in at their motel premises demanding to inspect the record of their clients if they do not have a warrant for the same. The fourth amendment protects the citizens against unreasonable searches carried out by the police(Savage, 2014). This would reduce the instances of interruptions that the police would make and the violation of the privacy of the...
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