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Research and Describe DEA Major Case, Drug Related Crimes (Case Study Sample)

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DEA Major Case
DEA Major Case
For the past decade, the US has shifted its focus on drug control policies to a comprehensive approach that focuses on enforcement, prevention, and treatment as a strategy of reducing illicit drugs in the country. The practice is known as supply reduction whereby the government places more emphasis on local enforcement practices (Fukumi, 2016). There are several cases where the Drug Enforcement Administration has played an instrumental role assisting the local and state agencies with the arrests of illegal drug offenders (Fukumi, 2016).
One of the recent arrests by the drug enforcement administration was the recent multi state crackdown on prescribed drug abuse within clinics, pharmacies and individuals in the south. The crackdown was conducted in Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The morning raids were conducted by the drug diversion unit (Caldwell, 2015). During the raid, more than 140 people were arrested in an operation dubbed operation pillution; these included mostly doctors and pharmacists who sold illegal painkillers like opioids oxycodone and hydrocodone (Caldwell, 2015).
A total of 24 doctors are currently deregistered after surrendering their DEA registration number as part of the crackdown on illegal painkillers. According to the DEA regulations, a registration number for medication is a requirement and revoking the license means, the doctor has no permission to prescribe these drugs (Caldwell, 2015). The ongoing prescription drug abuse and cases of overdose of over the counter drugs like opioids is a worrying trend in the US as reported by the DEA and other public health care officials (Fukumi, 2016). Statistics reveal that 45-overdose death are reported every month across all states with Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana being the top states where overdose is highly reported (Fukumi, 2016).
The key mission of DEA is to enforce the substance laws and regulations and bringing the criminal to

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