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Canadian Business Law Assignment (Case Study Sample)

Please read the following case and answer the questions: (Make sure the answers are based on the Canadian Law system). Harpreet has been living in his apartment for the last 3 years. He has now saved up enough money to have some alterations done to his apartment. First he would like to have a walk in shower installed in the bathroom. After making enquires, he has now contracted a firm of bathroom fitters “The bathroom people” .Donny, Danny and Denny all employees from the firm arrive the next day to begin the work. They start work by ripping out the old bath and shower unit and start to install the new shower unit. They then leave and return the next day to complete the job. The next day while busy working, Donny whose job it was to finish installing the new shower, gets an urgent call on his cell phone. His 98 year old mother has been taken to hospital .In a panic he quickly gathers his tools and rushes away to visit his mother in the hospital. In his rush he had forgotten to tighten the bolts on the shower. Danny and Denny were outside loading up their truck and did not realise this, then they drove away to return the next day to install the wash basin in the shower room. However they had told Harpreet he could use the new shower if he wanted to. Harpreet, after a hectic day at work and a hot and humid ride home on the subway, wanted to have a shower. Disaster struck when he starting using the shower. As the bolts had not been tightened the units fell off the wall, hit Harpreet on the head and as water was sprouting everywhere he slipped and fell to the ground on the tiled floor. As a result he was taken by ambulance to the hospital and suffered quite severe concussion, cuts and bruises and a broken leg. He was off work for 6 weeks, unable to play in his hockey team and unable to participate in 2 hockey games. He broke his expensive watch and reading glasses and an antique ornament. Based on the above scenario, answer the following questions 1. Explain what is meant by the phrase “the duty of care “. (3 marks) 2. What standard of care is Harpreet entitled to receive? (1 mark) 3. Explain the 2 categories of damages and from the above scenario, give 2 examples of each category. (6 marks) source..
Duty of Care Name: Institution: Question 1 The duty of care is a legal condition that obligates individuals to practice reasonable care when they are performing their duties at work. As such, their acts should not lead to any form of harm to other persons. If it so happens that their acts lead to bodily harm or damage of property, the person responsible will be held liable for all the damage or harm resulting their negligent acts. In this case, Donny was supposed to fit the shower in the most professional way and in a manner that should not result in any harm. However, he left in a hurry, without checking that the bolts in the shower had been tightened. This negligent act, lead to bodily harm and damage to Harpreet’s property. Question 2 When Harpr...
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