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Healing by Heart: Woman with Pregnancy Complications (Week 8 Case Study) (Case Study Sample)


After reading the final case studies in Week 8 post a 500-1000 word response to the following question on this discussion board. You should answer the question related to ONLY the case study that is assigned to you.
Please imagine you are a physician assigned this case. Using the perspectives on culture, medicine, and cultural competency you have learned in this class--What strategies would you use in handling the numerous cultural, social and other challenges that his case presents? Please reflect on how you would use the LEARN model (see Culhane Ch. 5) in this case. 
Case study assignments. AGAIN, you should answer the ABOVE question related to ONLY the case study that is assigned to you below.
If your LAST name BEGINS WITH:
A-F you should answer the above question about Case study Culhane Ch. 3: Woman with Preganancy Complications

Healing by Heart: Woman with pregnancy complications case study
Course title:
Healing by Heart: Woman with pregnancy complications case study
Providing care to diverse populations begins with culturally competent care. To effectively offer care that is culturally competent, an important initial step entails learning more about the cultural practices and beliefs of the diverse population being care for or served by the hospital. Using the perspectives on medicine, culture and cultural competency, this paper discusses the strategies that would be used in handling the many social, cultural and other challenges presented in the case. Furthermore, the paper discusses how the LEARN model would be utilized.
The case of Mrs. Thor clearly depicts how challenges could come up when 2 dissimilar realities meet. As a healthcare provider, it would be important to consider a more holistic approach and take into account the importance of cultural beliefs on the well-being of the patient, Mrs. Thor. The clinician should be aware of and appreciate the Hmong culture as well as its impact on health care. The healthcare provider should ask the patient in which language the patient prefers to discuss her health and trained medical interpreters must be used. Education materials must be provided in both English and Hmong. The clinician must also create rapport by building relationships with the patient and her close relatives, and ask them for their opinions and concerns. Furthermore, the clinician has to tailor patient care plans to the preferences and needs of the patient, and handle this patient as an individual and orient her to the care process (Culhane-Pera et al., 2004). The healthcare provider should also ensure that the patient understands medical instructions by asking the patient to repeat them. The clinician will also have to make an...
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