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Maddie Case Study. Training Program for Maddie. Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Case 1
Name: Maddie | Female | Age: 80 | Height: 62" | Weight: 123 lb | Body Fat %: 23%
Maddie has been recently diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis. Simple everyday chores are not only difficult for her, but are becoming very painful. Research this chronic condition and design a training program appropriate for this condition. Include any contraindications to exercise that you may discover in your research and address them in your answer. Maddie was for the most part sedentary in her younger years. 


Maddie Case Study
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Maddie is one of my clients. She has been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis, which is a common type of arthritis that affects the joints. Its symptoms can range from mild to severe and may progress with time (Walsh, 2016). Chores have started becoming more painful for the client than ever. With severe osteoarthritis, the bone rubs on another bone and the cartilage erodes. When the bones rub together, the shape of the joints change, and this is what is happening with Maddie. She finds it difficult to do day-to-day works because of having unstable joints or joint deformity. In such a situation, the client is likely to develop inflamed synovium.

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