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Scholarly Writing: Prescription Drug Abuse: Insight into the Epidemic (Case Study Sample)


Having completed the required module readings and viewed the video on Evaluating sources for credibility [video presentation] from https://youtu(dot)be/PLTOVoHbH5c, you should now be ready to identify scholarly sources on your own. There are two-parts for this assignment.
Part I: Using the same topic (Prescription Drug Abuse) you have chosen in SLP 1.
Identify 8-10 scholarly sources relevant to the topic. These should include primarily journal articles (at least 8), but you may supplement these with books, book chapters, or government documents.
Compile a reference list using APA format—this is a requirement for this assignment.
Respond to the questions posed on the Evidence Analysis Worksheet, which can be found in the Background Information section of this module.
Length: The written component of this part of the assignment should be 3-4 pages long (double-spaced).
Part II: Murray (2008) outlines six specific functions of academic writing. These include defining, describing, comparing and contrasting, classifying, explaining causes and effects, and developing an argument. These are used at different phases of the writing process.
Choose two functions of academic writing.
Using the Murray chapter as a guide, complete the following tasks relative to those functions.
Provide your written responses in a single document file, which you should upload by the end of this module.
Length: The written component of this part of the assignment should be 2-3 pages long (double-spaced).
Choose 3-4 health science-related terms you wish to define.
Break each down into a category.
Note distinguishing characteristics of each.
Use this information to create a sentence defining each term.
Explain how one of these would be used were you to develop a research report (be sure to clarify your own interpretation of the term).
Describe the sequence of steps required to complete a specific task or describe how something works (these should be health-related).
Use complete sentences in doing so with appropriate linking words and phrases between each.
Divide your description into paragraphs if necessary. (“Question for Thought” - Under what circumstances might it become necessary to use multiple paragraphs as opposed to one?)
Comparing and Contrasting:
Compare and contrast two closely related terms/concepts/systems/theories relevant to the health sciences.
Note their similarities and differences.
Use appropriate linking words and phrases.
Provide a brief introductory sentence or paragraph.
Complete Section 1.5, Task 2 in the Murray chapter. Provide written responses to each of the questions posed in the text.
Explaining Causes and Effects:
Use “words and phrases associated with cause and effect” to draft a cause and effect paragraph on your chosen topic (see Section 1.6.1 of the Murray chapter).
Developing an Argument:
Complete Section 1.7.3, Task 2 or Section 1.7.4, Task 3 in the Murray chapter. Provide written responses to each of the questions posed in the text.
Format: APA format is required for this assignment.


Scholarly Writing
Article #1
What is the tittle of the document?
Prescription Drug Abuse: Insight into the Epidemic

Who is the author?
S. H. Hernandez & L. S. Nelson

Who is the author’s intended audience?
The audiences targeted by the author include health care practitioners who prescribe different medications that are regularly abused such as drugs to treat pain and anxiety. The information presented is useful to policy makers who are keen on assessing the implications of abuse of prescription drugs and its implications in the society. The information would be critical in driving implementation of effective policies.

What topic is the author addressing in this work?
The author is addressing the epidemic caused by prescription drug abuse.

What is the author’s argument (or thesis) about this topic provide evidence from the text?
The author argues that prescription drug abuse has been determined as an epidemic.
The author explains that larger doses, frequent dosing and the use of the drugs for long-term may result in potential harm.

What evidence is provided to support this argument? List specific examples
The author supports this argument by providing information to about the impacts of non-medical use of prescription drugs, these include causing failure in performing essential obligations such as job roles and school work. Besides, drug use causes substance-related legal problems and also cause persistent social and interpersonal problems.

Are there contradictions in the argument? If so, provide examples
The author states that long-term use of prescribed drugs would result in potential harm. However, these drugs would be required in managing long-term condition such as chronic pain.

Do you trust this source? What are some of the ways you can tell if a source is reliable?
This source is credible.
The resource is not outdated and the authors have supported their arguments using credible resources. Additionally, the resource is a journal article which means the information provided is based on scientific evidence.

What do you think motivated the author to create this source?
The authors may have been motivated by the rising cases of prescription drug abuse that have affected thousands of people and families. The authors may also have been motivated by the need for facilitating regulation to control abuse of prescribed drugs.

What is your overall impression of the interpretation? Is it convincing?
The authors’ views and arguments are well articulated and convince the readers because they address issues that are common the society. Besides, the arguments made by authors have been supported effectively using reliable evidence.

List some facts presented by the author?
The authors explain that prescription drugs can be accessed through safe means than illicit drugs. Twenty percent of teenagers who were admitted for illegal use of analgesics received their medications with a practitioner’s prescription.

List some opinions presented by the author
Authors maintain that effective programs such as the National All Schedules Prescription Electronic
Reporting would help practitioners minimize the use of prescribed drugs and authors explain that Pharmaceutical technology would be used in deterring drug abuse.

What questions does this interpretation raise?
The primary question raised is...

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