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NRS410 VR Case Assignment: Congestive Heart Failure (Case Study Sample)


Please do not limit by word count. Use as many words as 2 pages will allow
- Please double space
- Describe your approach to care (based on the Case Study)
- Recommend a treatment plan
- Describe a method for providing both the patient and family with education and your rationale
- Provide a teaching plan using words the patient and family will understand (avoid using terminology that the patient and family may not understand)
- Attachments: Case Study, Assignment page, Rubric


Cardiomyopathy/Congestive Heart Failure
Integrated Approach of care
The integrated approach of care for Cardiomyopathy requires diagnosis of the heart failure, counseling and the standard therapy management. The approach will focus on the community outreach where Mr. P will get treatment and care in his home with minimal clinic visits. In most cases, the healthcare provider will deliver care through home visits and making calls as well as sending e-mails. The integrated approach of care will aim at meeting both the short and long term outlook to reduce the severe damages that Mr. P currently experience. Therefore, the management should prevent the progressive of infection with immediate treatment to prolong life. Thus, the education and counseling procedures help in the promotion of clinical stability as well as ensuring the positive outcome for Mr. P and his wife (Kathleen, Kathleen, Gemma, Debra, Mariann, Lynne & James 2000).
The approach will require personalized self-care with positive health behaviors. Therefore, Mr. P and his wife will be involved in counseling on the symptom management, dietary recommendations, activity and exercise as well as medications. The appointment with the patient should be fruitful to reveal the different experiences on the symptoms and their occurrences or whether they are severe as well as family history if any person had the same problem in the previous years (Kathleen, et al., 2000). Besides, the approach will emphasize on the implementation of lifestyle adjustments to improve heart health such as maintenance of weight, eating a modified diet, limiting other food intake such as caffeine and quitting smoking and alcohol intake. Furthermore, the counseling will focus on the wife in order for Mr. P to get her support besides giving the family the best way to manage stress. Lastly, a close monitor will focus on the management of exercise program depending on the type of Cardiomyopathy (Kathleen, et al., 2000).
Recommended Treatment Plan
The treatment plan for Mr. P will aim at making the heart stronger and getting rid of the substances in the system that cause difficulty in breathing. The treatment will includ

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