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Leadership and the Role of Managers: difference between management and leadership (Case Study Sample)

The Case Assignment Describe, in your own words, based on the scholarly information presented the difference between management and leadership in an organization. In your discussion address characteristics of an effective leader and manager. Why are these characteristics necessary for the effective management of healthcare programs? This part of the assignment will allow you an opportunity to demonstrate critical thinking. Make sure that you support your discussion with scholarly information. Expectations Please do NOT provide general statements, but attempt to show how this pertains directly to the healthcare field. Your response to the following case and questions should be comprehensive, thoughtful, and thorough. It should incorporate the information you have reviewed in the background readings. You will need to apply critical thinking skills to your assignment discussion. You must analyze the literature and background. You need to provide reference citations for any discussion that is not your original thought (at the end of paraphrased information and at the end of your paper). Please be sure to provide citations of sources consulted in preparing your paper in the body of the actual document itself (i.e. in addition to furnishing a refernce list). Remember, any statement that you make that is not common knowledge or that originates from your synthesis or interpretation of materials you have read must have a citation associated with it. For guidelines on in-text citations, visit the following web site: http://owl(dot)english(dot)purdue(dot)edu/handouts/research/r_apa.html The length of the case assignment is 3-5 pages. Please do not exceed the required length. You should cite at least three references in your response. Your paper will be graded on your ability to address the assignment criteria with depth and breadth of discussion. It will also be critiqued based on your writing format including proper reference citations, spacing, grammar, and spelling. ***Required Readings: May have to look up just the document itself as I am waiting on them to send me access to ProQuest to view the documents. Required Readings: Garman, A. N. & Tran, L. (2006). Knowledge of the Healthcare Environment. Journal of Healthcare Management. Chicago: May/Jun 2006. Vol. 51, Iss. 3; p. 152. Click here Accessed 02/20/2012 Garman, A. N., Butler, P., & Brinkmeyer, L. (2006). Leadership. Journal of Healthcare Management. Chicago: Nov/Dec 2006. Vol. 51, Iss. 6; p. 360. Click here Accessed 02/20/2012 Guo, K. L. & Anderson, D. (2005). The new health care paradigm: Roles and competencies of leaders in the service line management approach. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance.Bradford: 2005. Vol. 18, Iss. 6/7; click here Accessed 02/20/2012 Meyers, S. (2007). Growing Leaders in Your Own Backyard. Trustee. Chicago: Jun 2007. Vol. 60, Iss. 6; p. 8. Click here Accessed 02/20/2012 Rothbauer-Varnish, H. (2009). “Leading versus managing: supervision should recognize the importance of leadership.” Retrieved from http://www(dot)suite101(dot)com/content/leading-versus-managing-a116832 Accessed 02/20/2012 McNamara, C. (2007). Basics – definitions about management. Retrieved on 02/20/2012, from http://www(dot)managementhelp(dot)org/mgmnt/defntion.htm#anchor654851. Optional Readings: Allen, G. (1999). Supervision. Ronjon Publishing, Inc. Bateman, T. & Snell, S. (2004). Management. The new competitive landscape. (6th Edition). McGraw Hill. Bateman, T. & Zeithaml, C. (1993). Management Function and Strategy. Illinois: Irwin Publishers. source..

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Leadership and the Role of Managers
Leadership and management are sometimes used interchangeably; however, they describe different conceptions (Garman, et al. 2006). This paper tries to identify the difference between management and leadership in an organization. It also identifies the characteristics of an effective leader and manager.
Managers are tasked with the role of administration; they generally give proposals, business plans, monitor progress and set financial plans. On the other hand, leaders are tasked with the organizational and individual change. While management is a function required in any health facility, leadership is the relationship between the leader and subjects (Maccoby, 2000). As a function the manager will plan, budget, evaluate and facilitate; the leaders in their relationship will select talent, motivate, coach and build trust.
The manager and leader have variation in perspectives; the manager will be tasked to follow the policies and rules stipulated while the leaders will follow their experience and intuition. This will make managers rule while leaders are followed. A manager is a symbol of authority and must be obeyed while the leader if followed by people’s own will due to his qualities and strategies (Meyers, 2007).
Characteristics of a good manager
Effective communication: the manager must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently to the subjects. This will include written communication, public speaking, listening, giving instructions, organizing presentations and giving feedback (Bateman, & Zeithaml, 1993). These will be very essential given that to be able to manage the people must know what they expect.
Knowledgeable: the manager must understand the industry he/she is in. This will be required to set the goals and objectives for the company and drive the sector to the highest level...
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