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ISSA Final Exam Calculating the Client’s Heart Rate (Case Study Sample)


ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer - Final Exam:
Case Study 2: Steve Rogers


Steve Rogers Case Study
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Calculating the Client’s Heart Rate
I will use the Karvonen formula in order to calculate the client’s heart rate.
Heart rate = (Maximum heart rate of the client - Resting heart rate of the client) x % intensity +Resting heart rate
His maximum heart rate is nearly 210, and the resting heart rate is 60. So, all of the available values will be put together in the Karvonen formula to obtain the desired results.
The minimum heart rate of Steve Rogers is calculated as follows:
210 - 60 = 150
150 - 27 = 123
123 x 0. 60 + 55 = 128.8 beats per minute
The maximum heart rate of Steve Rogers is calculated as follows:
210 - 60 = 150
150 - 27 = 123
123 x 0.70 + 65 = 151.1 beats per minute
A Brief Case History of the Client
Before calculating the heart rate of Steve Rogers, it was vital for me to conduct a brief interview to know more about his lifestyle, age, and habits. I called him to my office the previous week, and I got to know that the client’s age was 27, his resting heart rate was 60 bpm, height was 6'0", weight was 178 lb and body fat percentage was 11 percent. Mr. Steve also told me that he used to run long distances some years ago. Running was his passion and a way to remain physically and mentally active. When I asked about the resistance training, Steve Rogers told me that he was not interested in that and wanted an alternative. He looked tired of being a skinny man and needed to regain his muscle strength as early as possible. Once this 12-week training program comes to an end, Rogers will travel back to his hometown to attend a close friend’s wedding.
Most Suitable Fitness Tests, Evaluation Methods and Data Collection Techniques for the Client
I introduced him to the PVC pipe that would help the client strengthen his muscles in a short time. He was also briefed about how to use the barbell, dumbbel

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