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Inconsistency in Word and Action (Case Study Sample)

Inconsistency_in_Word_and_Action.docx Inconsistency in Word and Action There are many examples of internationally or nationally recognized leaders who have lost their followers because of their actions being inconsistent with personally stated convictions. An example might be a world-class athlete and advocate for healthy lifestyles who is found to be using steroids to enhance physical performance. Or it might be a political figure who preaches morality and becomes involved in an extramarital affair or a religious leader who promotes celibacy and then becomes involved in a sex scandal. Marquis, B. L. & Huston, C. J. (2009). Leadership roles and management functions in nursing: Theory and application (7th Ed.). Philadelphia: Lippincott. Using the above book in chapters 2-3 as a guideline/ foundation and 2 other references please answer the following questions: Think of a leader who espoused one message and then acted in a different manner. How did it affect the leader's ability to be an effective leader? How did it change how you personally felt about the leader? Do you feel that leaders who have lost their "authenticity" can ever regain the trust of their followers. source..
Inconsistency in Word and Action
Inconsistency in word and action is a spotlight phenomenon where some of the highly recognized leaders on torchbearers of top positions in organizations, churches and the institutions fall short of what they speak. Some leaders can not do what they tell others to do. This act is rampant in bigger organizations with stringent applications of rules. The regulations are usually addressed by the leaders who might not as well be able to follow the regulations. In this paper, the inconsistency of the US- president has been discussed in depth citing some of the commonest examples of the inconsistency that he displayed in his formidable regime.
Marquis & Huston, (2008) says how the followers require the support of their leaders. He states that most nurses usually undergo burnout due to poor working conditions. The leaders are supposed to demonstrate characters that they are willing to see n their employees. Moreover, most leaders take the advantage of their employees. The nursing ethics require empathy for the patients; however, few individuals apply empathetic management on their patients.
A leader is the head and the model for good performance in an organization. Often leaders are viewed as unique persons who are capable of solving a number of organizational issues. Leaders must be able to articulate different characteristics in order to be able to achieve organizational goals. They should be good thinkers, good decision makers, able to deal with complexes and paradoxes of the organi...
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