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Case Study: How should UCPGP assure that the EMR is interoperable with other providers in the community (Case Study Sample)

Please careful ready attach Case Study doc and take assessments test with the study to be able to answers Case Study Question. Please choose two questions from Section A and two questions from section B to answer. Each question should be atleast 1 page. Thank you source..
Case Study Name: Institution: Section A How should UCPGP assure that the EMR is interoperable with other providers in the community? The UCPGP is quite complex considering that they offer a wide range of services and the staff number is quite large. However that notwithstanding, for their system to work at it full potential, they require to device a way through which the database can be accessed by other health providers within the community. In other words, using the IT environment they need to create that allows interoperability of the system by the rest of the health providers within the community, so as to achieve maximum productivity. This will help stream line the workflow by reducing ambiguity, since the right data is will be availed at the right time it is required (Murphy, 2013). To achieve this, the system will have to provide a mechanism that is practical while exchanging the health information through the internet. Health information is sensitive data; however the system should be simplistic in nature allowing the providers to share the information easily but in an encrypted format (Healthit, 2012). This therefore requires the system be secure enough to protect the data from unauthorized personnel. In terms of connectivity, it should achieve internet scale, while still eliminating the need for network authority that is central to providing complicated services (Healthit, 2012). It is also important the UCPGP consider to standards as they set up the system interoperability platform (Murphy, 2013). Any system that is not based on standards is bound to fail much easily, as it is not regulated professionally. It is crucial to use the highest internet standards such as those that are used when communicating through email. These standards should particularly cover the interaction of the application with the users (e.g. e-prescriptions). They should regulate how the different systems on the network interact, furthermore, they should also cover how...
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