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Case study on Homeostasis - Shock with Stomach Ulcer (Case Study Sample)

Read the documents carefully I sent it to you, be careful with the citation, the professor will check them, like which websites they come from. thank you source..

Case Study
Question 1
Homeostasis is the capability of higher animals such as human beings of maintaining the internal balance when responding to the changes of environment. This is a unifying biological principle where the systems like endocrine and nervous control it through the mechanism of feedback, which involves a variety of organs as well as organ systems (Ireland, 2011). Stressor is a condition likely to cause homeostasis imbalance, and is an agent or another stimulus likely to cause stress to human beings and other organisms.
Question 2
Frank is suffering from anaphylaxis shock, which is mainly caused by allergic reaction. In anaphylaxis reaction, individuals tend to develop severe face or eye itching that turns into serious symptoms like abdominal pains, breathing and swallowing difficulties, vomiting, cramps and diarrhea among others. Frank had experienced some heartburn, upper abdominal pain, and breathing problem, indicating that he was on the trend of anaphylaxis shock. In addition, the doctor warned him from taking full strength aspirin, alcohol and some food, as it would react cause allergy in the body. Anaphylaxis is likely to happen when an individual’s immune system builds up to a precise allergen-fighting antibody, which drives an unsuitable or exaggerated reaction toward a certain substance that is usually harmless like food (Lavoie & Hinchcliff, 2011). The body forms antibodies with more exposures and when an individual is exposed to the substance afterwards, the problem becomes complex leading to shock. This case happened to Frank as he continued taking alcohol, full strength aspirin that is unfavorable for his heart condition, and did not take Tylenol for pain. This act worsened his situation, from the occasional heartburn, and burning pain within his upper abdomen and peptic ulcer into the shock that he experienced.
Question 3
Some of the most affected organ systems when an individual is suffering from the peptic ulcers is the lower part of esophagus where they develop. In addition, the ulcers also develop in the first part of the small intestine, which is known as duodenum (Sledge, 2012). Thus, the esophagus and duodenum mutually performs the digestive works and both are affected by peptic ulcers.
Question 4
Frank has contributed a great deal in worsening his condition that ...
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