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Elizabeth and Robert (Case Study Sample)

Please write a 2–3 page paper that accomplishes the following: -Identify and describe the concept or concepts in the scenario using correct terminology from the course. If the concept is closely associated with the writings of a particular theorist (such as Freud, Kinsey, Masters & Johnson, and so on), then provide that information. Explain how the scenario fits the concept. -Identify and describe the general perspective or approach to human sexuality that the concept falls under (such as gender theories, instinct theory, developmental, and psychodynamic). If the concept does not fit into one of those categories, then at least identify which part of human sexuality it deals with (such as gender, psychosexual development, and so on). Scenario 3 – Elizabeth and Robert Since being in college, Elizabeth has had two long-lasting relationships that involved an active sexual component. For her, however, the sex has been somewhat disappointing because she has been unable to reach orgasm with either partner. With her first boyfriend, Larry, she was happy with their sexual relationship at the outset. Eventually, Larry began questioning her about her responses, and she realized that he thought she should be reaching orgasm, as he did when they had intercourse. Elizabeth was able to reach orgasm during masturbation but somehow could not do so during shared sexual activity. She had enjoyed the physical intimacy but had realized as well that she was not experiencing orgasm. It had not mattered much to her at first, but the more Larry pressed the issue, the more she began to feel as though she should make it a higher priority. The relationship ended before she had a chance to pursue the matter further with Larry. When Elizabeth's relationship with Robert began, she felt determined to get more from their sexual contact. She even shared with Robert that she had not been able to reach orgasm during intercourse. He assured her that things would be different with him, but as it turned out they were not. This time, Robert seemed frustrated at not being able to bring Elizabeth to orgasm no matter how hard he tried. She began to feel guilty about not giving him what he wanted, and he began to doubt whether she was really turned on by him. She insisted that she was, but Robert remained unconvinced. Her pattern of responsiveness with him was usually about the same: She would feel sexually aroused and enjoy the building of intensity of her sexual feelings. She would get close to the point of orgasm, but then the feeling seemed simply to dissipate. Sometimes, she would be able to build up the tension again for a while, but it always seemed to get interrupted eventually. Elizabeth and Robert usually would talk after sex, trying to figure out what had gone wrong. They sometimes would try new approaches the next time, but nothing seemed to work. Elizabeth is now feeling depressed about the whole thing, and Robert is thinking that perhaps it is time to end their relationship. source..

Elizabeth and Robert
According to Master and Johnson, Elizabeth’s problem could be analyzed based on the four stages of female arousal. Clearly, Elizabeth is able to undergo initial arousal and the, plateau phase, but is not able to reach orgasm and resolution. Thus, it can be stated that Master and Johnson study illustrates that she has a sexual dysfunction problem as she does not undergo the orgasm stage of the cycle (Coon, 2005). The orgasm is the climax before things return to normal, in the previous stages there is increased blood pressure and muscles tighten, her inability to climax is frustrating to her and her partners. They also propose that women are unable to experience orgasm because of low self esteem, anxiety or mistrust and poor communication with the partner.
Sigmund Freud’s theory of psychosexual development also offers insight into Elizabeth’s problem whereby individuals undergo various stages of sexual development from childhood. Sexual desires and instincts establish beliefs and human behavior, even if individuals repress their desires. Thus, it is possible that Elizabeth may have had a bad sexual encounter in the past and is trying to repress the memory, which may be the caus...
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