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Cultural Adaptability Health, Medicine, Nursing Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Background: This module's Case Assignment deals with an age-old debate, and you are required to prepare an argument. The board of directors of a health care institution is about to vote on a policy to mandate the exclusive use of the English language in the workplace. This policy will require all employees to speak only English while in the workplace. This action has come about as a result of increasing numbers of members of minority groups being hired by the organization, leading to complaints from employees and customers.
Case Assignment
A group of board members believes in cultural and linguistic diversity, but they do not have the background to present their argument at the board meeting. This group also knows that you are taking a cultural competence course and they ask you to research the impact of such a policy, providing evidence from the literature. You are asked to provide the following information, focusing on the impact on the organization's culture in a 3 page paper:
Rationale for and against this policy.
Benefits of cultural and linguistic inclusion.
Drawbacks of cultural and linguistic inclusion.
Propose ways all members of the organization's staff can feel included and part of the company, despite your decision to accept or reject the proposed policy.
Assignment Expectations
Use information from your module readings/articles as well as appropriate research to support your selection from here:
University of California, Berkeley. (2019). Chapter 12: Managing diversity in the workplace. In Guide to managing human resources. Retrieved from http://hr(dot)berkeley(dot)edu/hr-network/central-guide-managing-hr/managing-hr/interaction/diversity
U.S. Department of Agriculture. (n.d.). Ethnic and cultural resources. Retrieved from https://www(dot)nal(dot)usda(dot)gov/fnic/ethnic-and-cultural-resources-0
Length: The Case Assignment should be 3 pages long (double-spaced).


Cultural Adaptability
Institutional Affiliation
Cultural Adaptability
The rationale for and against English-only policy
The rationale for the English-only policy in an organization is to create a common language of communication. This sets the organization's culture as the new employees will learn and perfect their mastery of the English language. According to Danzak, Wilkinson, and Silliman (2012), the use of the common language is essential in decision-making as it expresses the course of actions and goals. Also, English-only policy will be a basis for effective communication as it ensures everyone understands his or her expectation at the workplace. It is easier to communicate and understand one another using one language rather than two or more. Besides, this policy will create a sense of identity and belonging because they will establish stronger relationships when they understand one another. Lastly, a common language at the workplace brings about consistency and efficiency, which is instrumental to the success of the organization. The managers communicate with their staff understandable instruction and employees properly understand the ideas and relay them to clients (University of California, Berkeley, 2019). Consistency enhances the credibility of an organization as the clients and staff experience a sense of reliability.

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