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Case study response. Health, Medicine, Nursing Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Week 4 DB
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Read the case study and provide your responses. You must post your answers first to be able to view your classmates’ responses. Your posting must be made on or before Wednesday of week two by 11:59 pm. After posting, please comment on two of your fellow classmates postings by Sunday.
Chapter 16 Case Study
Several months ago, a young woman rock climbing fell where her left leg was wedged tightly into a crevice. The resulting injury was severe, and required amputation below the knee. She has reported to her physician that she continues to suffer from phantom limb pain.
Answer the following questions about the young woman’s pain.
1. The theory that best explains this type of pain is:
a. Gate control theory
b. Pattern theory
c. Specificity theory
d. Neuromatrix theory
2. Nociceptors are free nerve endings in the afferent peripheral nervous system that selectively respond to different stimuli. They are categorized according to the stimulus to which they respond and the properties of the nerve fibers associated with them. The fibers that transmit dull, aching or burning sensation are:
Unmyelinated C


Phantom Limb Pain
Institutional Affiliation
Phantom Limb Pain
The ‘limb is gone’ pain knocks at the door. The pain comes with a burning, itching, and twisting sensation. Phantom limb pain is like the unconscious feeling that necessitates one to feel the absent limb is still present though some say it not painful; others say it is a sensation they feel in their bodies. It sometimes drives people to the edge of stress and depression to the verge of committing suicide (Feldman, 1981). Losing a limb is a difficult situation one can go through, especially after being amputated, there is that sensation that comes and alerts the patient that they still have the limb which pushes them to the edged of depression. The essay looks at the best theory that explains phantom limb pain and the nerve fibers responsible for the aching and burning sensation.

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