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Health and Medicine (Case Study Sample)

I HAVE ATTACHED THE CASE QUESTION AND THE LECTURE SLIDE WEEK 3 FOR YOU . THEN ALSO THE LECTURE POSTED A QUESTION AND ANSWER TO HELP IN WRITING THE CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT. SO I ATTACHED IT TOO. BELOW IS THE QUESTION AND THE TEXTBOOK PLUS THE CHAPTER THAT WILL BE NEEDED TO READ FOR THE ASSIGNMENT...PLEASE DO TRY AND READ EVERYTHING I POSTED PROPERLY.. Content: You are Dr. Leitch. I am the CEO of the hospital. You are presenting this case to me. 1. You are tasked with illustrating the current patient flow (re: week 3's lesson). 2. You are tasked with illustrating either one of the options for flow improvement noted in the case OR offering an original alternative and expected results. 3. You are tasked with justifying your selected modifications to the flow/current process in the clinic. I am the hospital CEO reviewing your recommendations. Use the most logical process flow model/tool. Including the process tools/models/maps this submission is to be no longer than 5 pages. Font/margins/referencing (if applicable) should be consistent throughout and professional in appearance/presentation. Good luck! ONLINE TEXTBOOK Required Textbook: Kelly, D. (2007). Applying Quality Management in Health care. A Systems Approach. 2nd Edition. Health Administration Press, Chicago. This text is available as an E-resource. You do not need to purchase the book (third edition printed in 2011)! Course text: Chapter 3 – The Manager's Toolbox Trebble, T., Hansi, N., Hydes, T., Smith, M., and Baker, M. (2010). Process Mapping the Patient Journey: An Introduction. BMJ, 341, http://www(dot)bmj(dot)com/content/341/bmj.c4078.full Manos, A., Sasttler, M., Alukal, G. (2006). Make healthcare lean. Quality Progress, 39(7), 24. source..

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(February 07, 2013)
According to the records at the pediatric orthopedic clinic which is part of a health science center located at the city of London, Canada Ontario and CWHO this acted as the regional health center where children were given special treatment. The number of people in this area which has ten counties is about 1.4 million which is an inclusion of the children who are about 400000. The services also attracts patients from outside this region in the neighboring counties, one of the other major role of this pediatric orthopedic clinic is that a child faced with a complex bone trauma is usually referred here for any further examination and treatments. This clinic operates for three and a half day sessions every week this is from Monday to Wednesday starting from 8.30 am all through to 1.00 pm. The rest of the days of the week when the clinic is not operating the facilities are put to use by other subspecialties more so of surgery. The clinic has a staff consisting of a surgeon, three clerks, two senior students residing in the area, and about four registered nurses (Leitch, 2009).
Start with patient arrivalProcessing of patient documentsPatient`s dataX-rayExamination roomDecisionStop3 Clerks, 5 Minutes4 Nurses-4-9 MinutesHandoffX-ray 2minRadiology1 Clerk6 Technicians3 RadiologistsSubmitting form ImagingDevelopmentConsultationReceive X-ray1 Surgeon2 Residents1 Cast TechnicianQuestion 1: Illustrating the Current patient flow
The patient flow at the clinic is recorded at the front desk where registration and verification is done, in the registration desk it`s the first point for customers to make contact with the hospital staffs. The first appointments are usually about 8.30 but despite this arrangement the patients rarely get appointments until as late as 11.30a.m. According to the records at the registration desk the last patient went for frequen...
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