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Finance. The SHEEO Report (2017). Case Study assignment (Case Study Sample)


The SHEEO Report (2017) indicates that over time, as state funding decrease, more institutions rely on tuition to support institutions of higher education. Use the readings to compose a 3-page paper with the following components:Highlight each componet.
A. Introduction
B. Identify your home state (or state of interest)- Maryland
a. Describe how your state compares on the following measures
i. Is your state above or below the U.S. average for change in:
1. Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Enrollment
2. Appropriations per FTE
3. Net tuition as percent of educational revenue
C. Discuss what this means for college students in your state.
a. How does state funding impact enrollment?
b. How does state funding impact student success?
D. Conclusion


SHEEO Report (2017)
Your Name
Subject and Section
Professor’s Name
February 14, 2020
* Introduction
College education, one of the primary contributors to the development and success of a state, is supported by the government. Despite the increasing costs associated with it, the government continues to provide aid as the benefit to the economy outweighs the costs. This is generally done through the provision of financial assistance, particularly to the public institutions. The funds are generated from different sources, such as but not limited to tax revenues, endowment funded by the states, and income from royalty and receipts from the lottery. These are used for the payment of various general expenses, assistance to the students, research funding, and other programs. These may also be used for the financing of multiple institutions, as well as the students serving them. However, in periods of economic recession, this budget has a higher reduction as compared to the others. To compensate for this, they usually impose rises in tuition fees.

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