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Eagle Gift Foundation (Case Study Sample)

Apply the literature gathered and synthesized in the literature review to Eagle Gift Foundation. Collect publicly available documents, examples, and information on Eagle Gift Foundation. The paper will make an argument about this organization in context of your chosen area of study. I will include the Lit Review as an attached document. source..

Eagle Gift Foundation
Danielle Solomon
The identity theory encompasses several views about how the mind and the body relate in various circumstances. These theories of type identity hold that, there are some kinds of mental state that actually that identify or connect to states of the brain. During the late 50s and early 60s, some of the earliest advocates of this theory; U.T. Place, J.J.C. Smart and Herbert Feigl, formulated their own versions of the type identity theories. Then along came David Armstrong, who radically claimed that with all the mental states including those that are intentional by nature, they are all identical with the physical states (Ultraspectra, 2013).
According to Place, the relation of the mind and the body revolved around the relation of composition. As such, events that constituted high-level of events in mentally are actually composed of the low-level physical eventualities. Feigl and Smart on the other hand, argued that identity is more of reference to two senses that are a description of the same thing. Through the years there has been a lot criticism towards this theory.
The identity theory indicates the fact that related to different aspects is orthogonal. As such, when there is an increase in identifying with one of the aspects, it does not mean that there is a diminishing identification with the other. Today, the constructs identification theory in organizations has attracted many interests in the recent past. More and more practitioners are now turning to these concepts in a bid to bring more improvements to the understanding of organizational behavior and the communications aspects in these organizations. When looking at organizations in general, two aspects are strikingly different but are the same thing. The organization can be seen as one aspect that is separate from its employees, but the two are the same thing (Ultraspectra, 2013). The employee, for example; may say they are different from the organization, which is not correct, as without them there is no firm. The same case applies to the management. As such, however either party behaves is central to their identification.
This paper will essentially deliberate on the issues of communication within the Eagle Gift Foundation, one of the most crucially sensitive facets of any organization. Organization identity relates to the employees’ sense of belonging to the specific organization.. The communication protocol in any organization is the backbone of how the employees relate with the management in particular as well as the whole organization in general (Ultraspectra, 2013). Therefore, if the communication protocol is flawed, the self-concepts of the employees towards their place of work. Symbolically, the theory can indicate the considerations that are crucial to the control patterns of the organization.
Theory Development
According to various research findings carried out in the recent past, the identificat...
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