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Case Analysis Communications & Media Case Study Paper (Case Study Sample)


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Case Organization: Didi Chuxing

Topic: Didi drivers murdered passengers

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  • The idea of the Case Analysis is to examine a real-life crisis, show a clear understanding of what took place, and then critique the company/individual in terms of how the crisis communication was managed. You are to analyze what was done well and what perhaps could have been orchestrated better and why. Please give your take on the crisis and your ideas about how it should have been managed, focusing on the steps that were taken and how they influenced the overall management of the crisis, positively and negatively. Discuss issues raised by the case in a focused, thorough and organized manner. Be creative – use your own ideas while referring to discussions and readings. 
  • Don’t just rehash case history.
  • Use the textbook, other course material, as well as independent research to support your arguments. Use correct spelling/grammar and cite your references.
  • The paper you submit has a maximum of 1200 words, excluding your list of references.
  • Paper Evaluated on 5 Rubric Aspects: Grammar; Clarity; Organization; Analytic Quality; Recommendations Quality



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Case Organization: Didi Chuxing
Topic: Didi drivers murdered passengers
The carpooling service in China that is similar to the famous Uber, Didi Chuxing, was involved in a rape and murder case of two females in less than three months. Since the incident, many cases of the reported rape of women using the Didi Chuxing app have surfaced, with at least 53 cases and at least 14 cases with filed court documents. Didi Chuxing has fired the general manager of Hitch, Huang Jieli, and vice president of its customer service operations, Huang Jinhong, and has released a statement of apology regarding their negligence and overlooked details that may have led to the demise of the victims. The scandal has led the Chinese people to discuss boycotting the company by deleting the Didi Chuxing app on their mobile devices (Cheng, 2018).

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