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An Analysis & Criticism of the Portrayal of Mass Media (Case Study Sample)

Choose a romantic movie or film and do the analysis(the 7 steps like the example attached)& The Major Mass Media Myths – CH3, P 55, Chapter 3(attached) is the information and material/reference you need, chapter 6 is the guide line, read them both to know how to do it right, you have a complete case done as an example (Example for a complete Analysis) attached, the example is how I want your work to look like, so you have everything to do A+ work. Please note that the pdf scans pages are not in order. after finishing reading both chapters go and see the attached (WORKSHEET FOR MASS MEDIA MYTH)and then find in Chapter 3, P 55 (Major Mass Media Myths & Corresponding Presceipttons'source..
An Analysis & Criticism of the Portrayal of Mass Media Name: Institution: Analyzing and criticizing the mass media myth #9 (‘All that you really need is love, so it does not matter if you and your lover have very different values.’)as portrayed in the movie, Titanic of 1997. Thesis In the movie Titanic, the power of love is portrayed using the mass media myths leaving the audience to believe that these aspects of true love do exist. When the audience watches the movie titanic, they are lead to believe that all one needs is to love and that love will break through all the obstacles they come across in their lives. One of the aspects that resonate through the whole of the movie is the ability of love to bring together two persons of different social class. In the movie the woman is of a higher social class than the American artist and to further aggregate the power of love, this lady is involved with a wealthy man who is obviously in a higher class than the artist who wins the lady off him. This illuminates on the mass media myth 9, which tries to give the impression that all one needs is love to bring downs all the walls of adversaries. It also borrows from the myth number 1, which shows that Jack and Rose were in a way cosmically meant for each other and nothing could ever come between them, as they were inseparable. The fact their first time to have sex was very perfectly timed and natural, anchors onto the 4th myth. This myth, relates to the sexual perfection, which in this case was wonderful and easy, for the two characters. Towards the end as the ship is sinking, Rose does not want to leave without Jack as she feels, he makes her complete. As such she comes back for him to make her dreams come true, with reference to their ideal true love. This movie, Titanic, leaves the audience with imprints in their perception of what true love is supposed to feel like. However this is far from the reality as the ideas the movie brings to the audience are very unreal, such as the perception of the ability to conquer all obstacles as long as there is love. Step 1: Detection (finding /identifying) The entire, Titanic, movie (1997) is the subject of this criticism and analysis. This movie is available on DVD and VHS. Step 2: Description Detailed description The character Jack in the movie the Titanic is acted by the Leonardo di Caprio. In this case he is the lower class American and an artist, who is actually traveling from England and back to his home country, the United States of America. The cast brings his main characteristics as one person who is naturally a charm around women, fully actualized with his inner feelings as well as a strongly modest person. It is during his trip back to his homeland on the ship that he meets this adorable young lady called Rose. This lady character is taken by Kate Winslet, who is brought out as wealthy. She is also involved with a wealthy man, who is also on the ship with her on their way to the United...
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