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Zipcar (Case Study Sample)

Please read the following instructions and write about www(dot)zipcar(dot)com Web 2.0 Principles (6 marks) - 2 Paragraphs Find at least three examples of web 2.0 principles that apply to your site. Explain which principles the examples illustrate and what benefits they provide to both the user/customer and the firm/organization. Search Engine Optimization: 
Look at some of the keywords (and keyword phrases) that have been incorporated into these pages (view menu > view source or something similar in most browsers)
Use the Google Keyword Tool here: https://adwords(dot)google(dot)com/select/KeywordToolExternal?defaultView=3
Imagine some of the keyword phrases that potential customer/users might type into Google. Create an optimized list of keyword phrases by checking Keyword Search Volume and Search Volume Trends. 
 (5 marks) You must come up with a list of at least ten or more two+ word phrases (ex. Toronto colleges, colleges in Toronto). These should not include the name of the organization or web site.
Provide a brief explanation as to how you came up with this list.
 (FOCUS ON TORONTO OR CANADA) (5 marks) Put the keyword phrases you selected into a table (Excel spreadsheet) with the competition, global monthly searches and local monthly searches (likely for Canada in English).
 (5 marks) Paste in the current Title and Description. Based on some of the keyword Phrases that you chose, come up with a new title and description for the home page of the site you chose. Make sure that at least some of the phrases are incorporated into this title and description. Briefly explain your choices. *Please use online sources and include the links Hi, I would like to edit my order. Please do the Web 2.0 principles part. And instead of doing the Search Engine Optimization part, write the following: eBusiness Models - 2 paragraphs What is the primary (most important) eBusiness model for the site? 
Explain your choice. What are two secondary eBusiness models for the business? 
Explain your choices. source..
Zipcar case study Name: Institution: Date: Zipcar deals with car sharing services, and there have been changes in the website features throughout the years. To begin with, the features were similar to other websites, but with the emergence of web 2.0, there have been added features in the website to being more user friendly. The reservation system is one of the services in the website that is now different through new designs. The location of various outlets and cars is easier trough integration of Google maps into the system (Zipcar, 2013). Thus, through use of web 2.0, then the web acts as a platform through which online application for the services is possible, hence users can choose the best option depending on the rates, plans and location. Another principle is the harnessing of collective intelligence, through which users give their input through the social media. Furthermore, is the software being used by various devices other than desktops including a...
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