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unit seven case study (Case Study Sample)

Read the Gillette case study in Chapter 18 on page 532 of the textbook. Answer the three questions at the end of the study (p. 533). Support your answers with a minimum of one source per question, no more than five years old. 1. Gillette has successfully convinced the world that “more is better” in terms of number of blades and other razor features. Why has that worked in the past? What's next? (Minimum 275 word answer with one additional source that's no older than 5 years) 2. Some of Gillette's spokespeople such as Tiger Woods have run into controversy after becoming endorser's for the brand. Does this hurt Gillette's brand equity or marketing message? Explain. (Minimum 275 word answer with one additional source that's no older than 5 years) 3. Can Gillette ever become as successful at marketing to women? Why or why not? (Minimum 275 word answer with one additional source that's no older than 5 years) source..
Unit seven case study Name: Institution: Gillette is a multi-billion company that has manufactured products that men desire for grooming purposes and it`s popular for marketing products associated with men all over the world. In 1901, when the Gillette razor was invented by King C. Gillette, they have had a lot of breakthroughs in terms of product innovations. In 1971 the company introduced the first twin blade shaving system which was branded the Trac II. The company invented this razor blade and it received massive positive respond from clients who bought the product in large number in that year. In 1901, the company introduced the safety razor and it received positive response of its products from men all over the world. In 1977, the company invented a razor blade branded the Altra. This was a razor that had a pivoting head and the very first of its kind in the World and in United States. In 1989, they perfected their art in making razor blades and invented the first razor blade that had twin blades with mounted springs named, the sensor. The sensor provided its consumers with best services and men were groomed perfectly after using Gillette`s` latest product. In 1998, Gillette launched the very first of its kind the triple blade system dubbed, Mach 3 which become a billion dollar brand. In 2006, Mach 3 was surpassed by the introduction of the six-bladed fusion, which was termed as "the best shave on the planet;. It had six blades, whereby five blades in front were for regular shaving and the blade at the back was used for trimming and perfection. Products from Gillette ...
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