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Google In 2015 Case Study: Strategic Problems Facing Google (Case Study Sample)


The case is Google In 2015, its on page C-136 to C-149
Instruction: (also follow this order)
1. Summary of the case (10 points)
2. Description of the major strategic problems/issues facing the company from the case (10 points)
3. Analysis of the company’s Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat using proper analytical tools (Porter’s Five Force Model and Macro-environment factors for Opportunities and Threats; Building blocks of Competitive Advantages for Strengths and Weaknesses) (50 points)
4. Suggestion of your own recommended solutions to solve the company’s strategic issues (20 points)
Include a minimum of three questions you want to ask to the presentation team (10 points)
Please type, double-spaced (12-point font with one-inch margins)
use the "adobe acrobat read dc" to open the file


Google in 2015 Case Study
Established on September 7th 1998, Google has grown to become one of most profitable organizations in the world.Since its inception, thecompany has formulated business strategies that promote its products while maintaining high levels of revenue and market share. Using the 2015 case study provided by Charles and Hill, one can paint a clear picture of Google’s strategies and competitive advantage. Therefore, this paper seeks to provide the following; a summary of the case study, description of the major strategic issues facing the company, analysis of the company’s strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats using porters five force model, and recommendations towards the company’s strategies.
Summary of the case study
The case study reports that in 2014, 67% of internet searches in the United States were conducted through Google. The closest competitors were Microsoft and Yahoo who were so far behind with 19.6% and 10.2% respectively. Due to its superior position, the company has established a monopolistic market in many countries. For instance, in Europe, its market share is more than 95%. Consequently, in 2014, Google had revenues of $66 billion and a net income of $14.4 billion. The high revenues are because the company auctions search keywords to advertisers. Google then receives payment from the advertisers every time someone clicks on a link that directs them to their site. Other than just Google the search engine, the company owns Gmail, Google Maps, Play store, DoubleClick, and Android operating system. Google’s main competitors are Microsoft and Yahoo. However, through its flat organization structure, the company has been able to keep at bay.
Strategic problems facing Google
One issue that is evident from the case study is the huge expenses incurred when Google adds additional products to itsportfolio. For instance, from its search engines, Google makes a profit margin of 60%.When the company inserted advertisements on other webpages, the profit margin rose only by 10%. The low returns in this situation can be explained by the principle of diminishing returns. It is harder for Google to make search results more relevant than the way they already are. Therefor

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