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Excel Spreadsheets. How the ratio of calories and exercise influence the weight lost? (Case Study Sample)

Please look at the attachment Excel file and other word file and then write a paper about the project, dont forget to look at the COURSE ACTIVITY to know about what we study and write about them. Understand how the ratio of calories and exercise influenced the weight lost and body figures measurements. Microsoft Excel to help me streamline data retrieval and analysis. In the spreadsheets: calories burn in diet: every meal should be less than 500 calories and snacks for 200 cal or less so total of 1700 cal daily, so for my boudy, I need 1900 cal every day, this diet will burn 200 cal . Calories Burned converted to pounds lost Here I convert total Calories burn over the treadmill to pound of fat burned by dividing the total calories by 3500 (every 3500 cal = 1 Ib of fat burned). In row 11, I take the Average. In each cell I use data bars fill to convert numbers to visual gauge. Cell N12, I take the total loss by calories burn over treadmill. Cell Q12, I take the total loss by the scale. (Draft) I will do a diet for 8 weeks and take figure size every 7 days, then plug the numbers in Excel table and make charts to see the improvement and the rate of achievement. I hope to discover the slop of my weight loss during the 8 weeks program. I choose this as a project because I usually do a diet every year after summer and record my figures number in a simple table, but never use advance Excel charts and formula, and now I have great chance to practice this knowledge and plug it to direct life practice. How I will get my project done? I will do a calories calculation base and 45 minutes of treadmill walk every day to burn around 400 calories. the planed weight and monitor the progress result. My assumption: I will loss around 12 to 15 pounds during the 8 weeks program based on calories and exercise program. How I will code the data in Excel? I will record the amount of calories that I eat and the calories consumed by practices, take figures from different body parts every 7 days and record the new decreased number and then see the achievement. source..

Excel Spreadsheets
How the ratio of calories and exercise influence the weight lost and body figure measurements
The research will track changes in weight and body measurements on a daily basis; this will be recorded and analyzed in Excel spreadsheets. The changes in weight and body measurements are to be recorded after dieting and 45 minutes treadmill walk on a daily basis. Equally, changes in body and weight will be monitored over time through personal observation and recording. The records will also indicate the amount of calories consumed against those consumed by practice on an average day. Achievement will be assessed based on the level of weight loss and body measurements week after week.
Firstly, the summary work sheet shows weight fluctuation across the eight weeks from an initial weight of 215 pounds cell (C3) to a final weight of 203.9 pounds in C11. Consequently a graphical representation of the same is presented which shows the fluctuation of weight in that period. For body measurements in the waist, chest, hip and thigh the measurements were also recorded in cells, a visual representation through charts equally shows the fluctuation over time. On this page there is also representation of the differential in the fluctuations i.e. cell C12 shows the differences between weight at the beginning (C3) and weight after eight weeks (C11).
There is an assumption that the specific body needs around 1900 calories, in the weekly analysis the total calories burnt in diet are taken to be the difference between 1900 calories and the calories consumed in a day. For instance in week one then on first day the total calories burnt (F3) is a cell which depends on the difference between 1900 calorie s and the sum of calories consumed at breakfast 350 cal, (B3), lunch 575 cal (C3), Dinner 350 cal (D3) and snacks 120 cal (E3) in essence F 3 which is a cell representing the calories burnt in diet through calculation. The total calories burnt are the sum of calories burnt during diet and those burnt during exercises, the total calories burnt is therefore a function of the two in the spread sheet.
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