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MICI case analysis (Case Study Sample)

I am requesting to have a case study completed which relates to the Mutual Insurance Company of Iowa. ***Point of view: Operations and Supply Management Textbook used in class for reference: Operations and Supply Chain Management 13e. by F. Robert Jacobs & Richard B. Chase ***I can provide a copy of the case study with specific questions that must be included. I would also like for my resolve to come from a perspective of Just-In-Time as it relates to business process strategy & system improvement. Questions included within the contents of this paper must be singled spaced and all other writing **doubled spaced format. Executive Summary must not be more than 1/2 page. source..
MICI case analysis
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MICI Case Analysis
Case analysis- mutual insurance Company
Overview and summery
This is a case analysis of Mutual insurance Company of Iowa, MICI. The company has experienced speedy growth in sales which resulted in corresponding increase in customers’ claims. However, the claim department was unable to cope with the volume which led to outcry from the company customers.
Company management has proposed to install JIT system in an effort to fix the problem. JIT is a lean production system whose core principles are to reduce production wastages. The system will require training of company staff to make them multi skilled and may require restructuring of the company.
The new system if well implemented will solve the current workload as the claim forms will be processed as soon as they arrive. This will enhance production efficiency and increase customer confidence in the company.
The mutual insurance company of Iowa is currently experiencing troubles in service delivery which could derail company performance. The claim department is overwhelmed by massive incoming claims from its clients. The company has limited personnel and facilities to handle increased number of claims from its customers.
This situation if not addressed urgently will land the company into legal and financial problems which will adversely impact on company performance. The management has come up with drastic measures to address the problem by seeking the installation of JIT system to help solve the problem of delayed processing of customers claims.
This method is costly and will require trainings to be undertaken to equip the workers with JIT principles. However, the new system will result in major departmental changes, revision of operation layout and work methods consequently setting in place the process of lean production in MICI.
Lean production will help the company to reduce wastage and satisfy the customers by processing their claims in time and also adding value to the customer as well. Different wastes that lean production will eliminate include; overproduction, excess inventory (claims), conveyance (movement of claims to different offices), correction wastes (having to rework on parts due to error, motion by workers (puts stress on employees’ body), processing costs (unnecessary processes) and waiting waste (workers being idle between operations).
By eliminating wastage in production of goods and services, the firm will do more with less capital, space, effort, labor, inventory and lead time.
Discuss the basics of lean production
Lean production commonly known as Toyota production system is assembly –line methodology which focuses on waste elimination, reducing inventory and empowering workers to enhance productivity, Shili, (2011).
The lean production has two main pillars namely:- just in time system and Kaizen developed to adopt mass production techniques of production. The JIT system of lean production entails producing what is required in the market at that particular time. The lean production method eliminated inventories and safety stocks.
Leveled production where a company produces different models/ products using the same production line to cater for the needs of customers. Production is based on customers’ demand and reduces the delay in meeting customers’ requests. Production plants should be centralized to avoid movement of parts of products and services from place to place as this is waste of time and money.
Pull system in lean production refers to initiating production activity as a result of pull generated by the customers. The methods in MICI will demand processing of claims as per customers demand without delay. The customers in this case have trigger...
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