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Rana Plaza Collapse in 2013 in Bangladesh Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Please write the case study assignment for “ Rana Plaza Collapse in 2013 in Bangladesh”. Please write and analyze based on business and society (a strategic approach to social responsibility and ethics).
This is the instruction from my professor:
Written assignments are your chance to demonstrate course learning by grappling with an issue related to business & society. These entries are an opportunity for you to think about the course material, integrate it with the wealth of knowledge you've gained thus far as a student, and ultimately to use that knowledge to address relevant phenomena and situations; your own experiences and/or real-life events.
• five (or more, not less) page (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1-inch margins) answer or reflection on the topic(s) you choose.
• You should cite no less than 3 legit, academic articles in your assignment. Please use APA format.
Introduction Structure - Purpose is clear; description of main concepts; Significant background information included; logic of main idea is strong
Commentary & arguments- Excellent insights; exceptional perception of evidence; very logical analysis of facts
Evidence/ Support for thesis- Outstanding use of current expert sources and highly relevant and accurate evidence (including 3+ references)
Organization- Exemplary logic and clarity
Grammar/ Spelling -Outstanding


Business & Marketing
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Case Study: Rana Plaza Collapse in 2013 in Bangladesh
Bangladesh's businesses people have channeled their energy in ready-made garments (RMG) industry for export purposes. The ready-made garments industry facilitates 80% of the county's exports and further provides over 4 million employment opportunities, with three-quarters being women (Anisul Huq, Stevenson, & Zorzini, 2014). The growth in this sector has consequently promoted numerous multiplier connections such as the cloth, insurance, professional services, yarn, banking, real estate and machinery economic sectors. The industry has also faced devastating challenges, and some of them are man-made industrial accidents. The past progress will be in vain if Bangladesh cannot make progress to ensure workers' protection by fostering compliance to labor rights and workplace safety.
Background Information
On April 2013, the industry faced the most devastating challenge where Rana Plaza, an eight-storey business building collapsed outside the city of Dhaka. Five clothing plants were affected severely as it housed them. The highest number of occupants of the building at the time it collapsed worked in the garment factories. The search and rescue took more than 17 days, evacuating more than 2,438 people, while over 1,100 people were reported to have de

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