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Railway Labor Act (RLA) (Case Study Sample)

1. Complete an in-depth analysis of the Railway Labor Act (RLA), including its amendments, judicial interpretations and administrative law. Having studied the RLA over the past few weeks you will now tie it together with what you have learned about labor relations thus far. Choose a case from any other internet source on this topic and be sure to include this in your answer. 2. Explain arbitration and mediation how they apply to labor relations. Remember to include parenthetical citations (in APA format) to reference your sources. source..
Railway Labor Act Name: Tutor: Institution: Date: Railway Labor Act The Railway Labor Act commonly abbreviated by the acronym RLA is a federal legislation in the United States of America that governs labor policies in relation to the railroad and aviation industries (Twomey, 2010). The act, initially enacted in 1926 seeks to substitute bargaining, mediation and arbitration for strikes as a means of resolving labor related disputes. The provisions of the act originally enforced under the board of the mediation but were later changed and applied under the National Mediation Board. The act first amendment in 1934 created a procedure for resolving whether a union had the support of most employees while changing the board of the mediation which was temporal in nature into a more permanent agency, the National Mediation Board. In 1936, another amendment took place to extend the act to the aviation industry. Several recent Railway labor Act cases have shown that they are disputes which are neither major, based on the fact that they do not involve pay rates nor minor as they do not involve the interpretation of the agreement or contract. A classic example is the application by Brotherhood ...
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