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One-Year Assignment to China (Case Study Sample)


Read “Application Case 4-1: A One-Year Assignment to China: Go Solo or Bring the Family?” and answer the following questions. 
1. How challenging do you think this assignment would be? To what degree will Nick’s start-up experience in the US help him be effective starting McDonald’s restaurants in China? 
2. How can language and cross-cultural training help Nick and his family adjust to Chinese culture
3. If Ella goes to China for a year, how might that decision impact her career? What are her chances of working for the local law firm when she returns from China? 
4. What would you do if you were Nick? Go alone to China or ask Ella, Jenny and Luke to accompany you? 


One-Year assignment to China
Name of the student
Business professionals are often caught in a dilemma of attending to work assignments and attending to their families. The situation is even worse when the assignment is in a far away region and is short lived. The challenges are numerous and varied but previous experience is important. This paper discusses the case of Nick, a top human resource personnel at McDonald, who is being sent for one year assignment to china.
Nick's assignment in China will be very challenging. Considering the cultural and language differences between china and USA, Nick will have hard time communicating with the locals as well as his team. He is required to bring much success in a short period of time. The one year period will be a very short period to effectively establish, monitor and ensur...
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