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We negotiate daily with potential employers, co workers, bosses, landlords, merchants, service providers, partners, children,roommates, and many others. Negotiation skills, emotions and communication all effect the outcome when securing an agreement. The attached article is from Honolulu Weekly, April 2002. It is a real life situation. Life can be very complicated. This case has many players, with varying degrees of skills, emotions and communications. A minimum of 3 full pages in response to the following questions: 1. What are your insights to the overall situation? 2. What negotiation strategies are used by the owners? By the association? 3. Of the three texts (listed below) you have read for this course, which one should the home owners read to help them get what they want? Why? What book should the association members read? Why? (TEXT) 1) GETTING TO YES by Roger Fisher and William Ury- 2ND EDITION 2) POSITIVE NO by William Ury 3) GETTING PAST NO by William Ury 4. There is a difference between mediation and arbitration. Which one do you think would be the best to get an agreement in this case? Do you think the issue(s) will ever be resolved? How? Court? Walk away? 5. Can you identify with any of the positions or players in this case? In what way? After reading this case, explain how this case may or may not impact how you negotiate in the future. source..
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Question One Answer
John Dubois, whose goal was to be a home owner, acquires a condominium at the Gold Coast. Within months, he saw his dreams collapse as he was not accustomed to condo life in relation to neighbors, condo boards, regulations and enforcement. From different disagreements with neighbors, accusations of nuisance and prejudice, most restrictive orders and court cases, apprehends. Baring in mind his sexual orientation; he was constantly discriminated on the claim that he was violating the condominium rules. There were rules of which Dubois and his partner Prindable could not comply (Lind 2002).
Dubois, found some accusations as unreasonable such as Diehl`s claim that he was allowing light into his living room. Besides he was accused of taking too long showers in his home. The claimants were mostly women and members of condo board of directors. Dubois is continually frustrated by the neighbors as the accusations escalates even when he tried to launch some of his complains he would be accused instead. From time to time, the neighbors would do something to annoy him, just for them to launch a complaint against him. The law enforcers were reluctant in solving his ordeals as he would always find other lawsuits against him. Surprisingly, all the cases were withdrawn from the tribunal despite receiving numerous letters. He was elected to be a member of the board and a secretary, but he was greatly opposed as to the allegations of his disruptive behavior. Later his apartment was sold in a foreclosure. He refused to pay the expenses related to the sale but the attorneys continued to misuse the law and file. This was generally away of forcing Dubois from the neighborhood due to his sexual orientation of being gay. They intended to drive him out through subjection of emotional distress (Lind, 2002).
Question Two Answer
The association used hard negotiation strategy as they were determined to get their dues. They did not want to lose the suites that easily. They continued raising the disputed fees on monthly basis as to force Dubois to pay up his dues. The legal fees soared higher every month as the association imposed the laws. The association does not care what happens to the home owners but rather all the payments due must be paid up by homeowners.
On the other hand, the homeowners are applying soft negotiation in which, all they need is peace and harmonious resolution. Home owners wanted a mediation way of solving their disputes as they yearned for the live and let live laissez-fare to prevail. In the process, some homeowners lost their homes too easily at a very low cost and remunerations (Doye, Love & Hyer, 2000).
Question Three Answer
The recommended text for the home owners should be positive no by William Ury. This is because it will enable the homeowners to strike an agreement that will be beneficial to all. The home owners will be in a ...
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