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The Nasdaq Stock Market: American exchange (Case Study Sample)


Select a major US corporation (a publicly held company listed on one of the major stock exchanges), obtain a annual report and perform an analysis of the company and their customers. You should also use this time to begin researching your chosen firm by searching for articles and/or analyst reports from any of the major financial news web sites available to you. My suggestion is that you read the annual report of your chosen firm in an effort to determine a general outline of who their customers are, and what dominant business they are in. 

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3-5 pages, fully cited using APA format

Write a profile of your firm and what they do, highlighting any hot button issues that you find. By hot button, I refer to both, any particular aspects of the company that give them some sort of competitive advantage or ‘uniqueness,’ and /or any hot current issue(s) the firm may be facing. You should also take this time to present and analyze the vision and mission of your firm per class discussion. Finally, try to find information relating to their general competitive profile. Some categories to consider include, but are not limited to: Company Profile; Assessment of Vision/Mission (particularly important); Industry/Primary Competitors; Key Products; Identifiable Customer Segments; Success to Date, Hot Current Issues etc. Please note that I am not asking you to give me their entire history…just a profile that gives me a broad picture of your firm.


Company Profile
Student's name:
Institution Affiliation
Primary NAICS Code: 523999 - Miscellaneous Financial Investment Activities. Los Angeles
NAICS code 523210 - Securities and Commodity Exchanges. New York City
REVENUE: In 2014, Nasdaq reported net revenues of $2 billion and net income of $499 million
The Nasdaq Stock Market (NASDAQ) is an American stock exchange market. It is the second largest exchange market in the world. It is located in New York City and is the only stock exchange market in the city. The owner of the exchange market is known as NASDAQ, Inc was formerly known as Nasdaq Nordic. The market was founded on February fourth, 1972 and uses the United State dollar. Tech-titans such as Facebook, Google Cisco Apple, and Amazon, are listed (Poitras, 2012). The stock market has a website referred to as The NASDAQ Stock Market website. The website features the following stock market news, stock information, quote updates, data analysis reports, and broad-spectrum overview of the market landscape. NASDAQ is a trader of the US equities than any other US stock exchange market globally (Jamil, Ferreira, Pinto, Pessoa, & Xavier 2018).
The company has an automatic execution venue. This feature enhances the increase in speed during execution, ensures quotes updates and processing of orders instantaneously. NASDAQ is recognized because of its high-performance in the INET technology and has attested reliability with 99.9% uptime. The company's value-added goods and services enable complete packaging in US equity trading of securities (Geranio 2016). Nasdaq Stock Market is made up of three market tiers namely the NASDAQ Global Select Market, the Nasdaq Global Market, and Nasdaq capital market. For any stock market to trade with NASDAQ stock market, it must meet the following criteria. The company must have any of the three market tiers; meet the specified minimum threshold in the number of shares traded publicly, total market value, number of shareholders and the stock price (Jamil, Ferreira, Pinto, Pessoa, & Xavier 2018).
Assessment of Vision/Mission
Nasdaq sustains scrupulous market regulations that make sure all its investors are well protected. The mission statement defines the purpose for its existence and the company's values and purposes. The mission of NASDAQ is consistent with the comprehensive regulatory scheme and statutory that governs the company. The vision of the company is accompanied by its intrinsic strengths (Geranio 2016). It gives a challenge and also gives inspiration to its staff to achieve the mission of the company and also acts as a guide for the implementation of

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