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McConnell Spice (Case Study Sample)


Part One: 

Contained within this fact pattern are four decisions to be made, two individual decisions for Jackson, a group decision for the firm selection, and a company decision by the board.


  •  In 4-5 pages identify the four decisions and use the appropriate decision process for each business level of decision making to make the decision. Be sure to describe the process steps, apply them directly to the fact presented in the case study, and include in the discussion, how you arrived at the objectives, alternatives, consequences, and uncertainty and risk in the process.
  • Use headings for the various steps of the process.
  • Step back from the decision and reassess whether what you have decided feels right (gut feeling versus the process).  In this paragraph make sure to discuss how the final decision choice “feels” for you. Do you think it works?
  • Add one more topic labeled, One Last Look, in which you apply a critical thinking step. Include in your discussion of the process those critical thinking ideas which may influence your decision. Specifically, bias, group and individual, team make up, different types of teams and and why one is better than the other for this decision. Where appropriate explain if an individual or group should make the decision.  How would the McConnell business structure and culture prevent bias or poor application of the decision process and vice versa. Be sure to relate your conclusions to the facts and the course material.
  • Be sure to reference the course material and any other outside sources you may deem appropriate.


Part Two:

 In 2-3 pages write an epilogue to the story. Be creative. Tell how the decisions played out.  Be thoughtful and yet realistic in your explanation of the consequences of the decision. Remember fairy tales are for children and rarely for business. Not every company is Disney.

  • Then, tell how you would evaluate the decision as being successful or not. 
  • Be sure to reference the course material and use the APA format.


Required Formatting of Final Project:

  • This report should be double spaced, in narrative format, 12-point font, and 7-8 pages in length excluding the title page and reference page;
  • Title page with your name, the course name, the date, and instructor’s name;
  • Include a reference page;
  • Use headings to separate the different sections;
  • This paper is to be written in the third person.  There should be no words in the paper such as “I. we, you or your;”
  • Use APA formatting for in-text citations and reference page.  You are expected to paraphrase and not use quotes. Deductions will be taken when quotes are used and found to be unnecessary;
  • Submit the paper in the Assignment Folder.



McConnell Spice
Students Name:
McConnell Spice
Decision-making is an important component in the structure and success of business. The foundation of decisions affects the kind of decisions an organization makes, decisions based on knowledge and reasonable thinking leads the organization to long-term mission achievement and prosperity. On the other hand, decisions made on emotionalism, incomplete information and on basis of flawed logic can lead to failure of a business. Thus, business people should always consider the necessity of choice before sticking to implementation of a certain decision. The decisions making process should be timely in order to capture specific market positions since good decisions mean good business and good profits.
In the process of decisions making over the years, a decision maker always has to choose the best decision from many alternatives in all the levels of management. However, sustained research devotion to business decision making has advanced only in current years. Current advances in the industry include improvement in such components of decision making such as the problem context; the processes of problem finding, problem solving, and legitimation; and procedural and technical supports.
For managers to make better decisions for the organization, they require a supportive environment and support from the company directors or the superiors of the organization. Criticism and fear upon managers will make them avoid risk taking and limit their creativity thus limiting their work on decision-making. Decision making in an organization happens in all levels of management. From the ordinary worker to the superiors of the organizations. The board of management for the organization makes the top strategic decisions on the company’s investment and future growth directions, managers make decisions on how to make tactical decisions on ways their own departments are going to contribute to the main agenda, supervisors for employees coordinate normal employees to achievement of the decisions and implementations of the created decisions. The ordinary employees make decisions on the conduct of their own responsibilities to customers and thus improving the business practice. The whole process requires a successful and enlightened recruitment and selection process, training, and open-minded management team (Dareeen, 2014).
Types of business decisions
Business decisions vary in the structure of business a management.
Programmed decisions: they are standard decisions that always follow a specific routine every time of implementation. They are in fixed steps and easy to follow by any individual. They can be computer programmed. Jackson can utilize these kind of decisions from the organization’s server to implement them to achieve the mission of the organization.
Non-programmed decisions: these decisions are non-standard and non-routine. Each decision is different from the previous one. Directors and departmental mangers make these kind of decisions for McConnell Company.
Strategic decisions: these are decisions that affect the long-term business activities for the company. The decisions can be expose the company to many risks or improve its earnings. These decisions are for board of directors to come up with in the business. They include the talking over of other companies and merging.
Tactical decisions: these decisions are medium term decisions. On how to implement strategy and includes the kind of marketing to have and number of stuff to employee. Managers make these decisions.
Operational decisions: these are administrative decisions or short-term decisions on how to implement the tactics that managers create. These are the lowest decisions in the organizations; they make sure that the business is operating fine.
Levels of decisions makin...
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