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MBA 5322 – NA - Business Case Study (Case Study Sample)

MBA 5322 – NA - Business Case Study Purpose: To explore a situation that you have experienced in a business or organization. Part 1: Describe the business/organization situation (current state) in which you were involved or observed. Include a description of the situation from three (3) different stakeholders internal and/or external to the organization. Discuss how the stakeholders interacted, or didn't interact to resolve the situation. Page length: 4-5 pages. Due to Partner: March 19 - Introduction - Description of the organization o Describe the characteristics of your organization. o Describe the situation in which you were/are involved. - Stakeholder discussion o Describe the three (3) stakeholders that you chose for this case study o Discuss why you chose these particular stakeholders o Explore the interaction between/among these stakeholders within the organization. There may also be interactions between the stakeholders and others within the organization. Include how each group perceives the other group(s). Note: This section should focus on the interactions, both those that are working and those that might be improved, that are relevant to the case study. Give specific behavioral examples to illustrate the most important interactions that are occurring from your perspective that influence the situation. - Conclusion o Summarize briefly the current state o Based on your stakeholder discussion, briefly state your concerns and goals for resolving the situation o Briefly outline cost-benefit of resolving the situation from your perspective o Pose questions (3) for your consulting partner that you feel are important to consider and why you would focus on exploring those particular questions. This will provide your consulting partner with a starting point for understanding your perspective. Follow standard APA formatting including, but not limited to: - Double spaced - ½ inch margin all around - Section headers - Title page - References - In-text citations - For APA examples, see resource below The following PowerPoint provides the basic information for correctly using APA formatting in your papers. Please pay particular attention to writing style suggestions (slides 3-4), in text citations (slides 16-30), section headers (slides 31-32), and reference formatting (slides 12-15). http://owl(dot)english(dot)purdue(dot)edu/owl/resource/560/17/ For additional information on APA styles and formatting, you may want to check out more details on the OWL and APA websites. Grammar - Clarity - Correct grammar, well written Additional structures: 1. Take enough time to read the structures neatly, then follow it specifically & strictly. 2. Write about a "negative" experience in a firm based on the structures above with best trying to mention as much possible of Organizational Behavior concepts. source..

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The Advent of globalization and the rapid development of economies have resulted to multinational companies to become more prevalent. The aspect of intercultural communication has presented new challenges with respect to management of these companies. Culture is the primary factor that influences the way people think and behave in a given business environment. Culture therefore, plays an important role in supporting certain types of organizations than others thereby, influencing the performance of a company. The management and communications of an organization is influenced by a national culture. This implies that culture significantly influences management style in a multicultural view point. The fierce competition experiences have led to multinational companies to do everything they can to survive as they promote and strengthen themselves internally. This is because human resource consists of the largest cost operation, and can be controlled through adaptation to these circumstances. Human resource has been found to be the key to success. The purpose of this paper is to explore the cross-cultural human resource management issue regarding MacDonald’s entry into Asian market. When the company enters into foreign countries, the differences in culture have been indicated in all aspects to conduct its business, and failure to acknowledge the cultural differences would cost a lot for this company resulting to failure of competition.
MacDonald’s is a company that has established new ventures to the domestic and international customers with fast food outlets. Its venture in Asian territory has made the company new to the cross-cultural human resource management since the period of its establishment is immature. The company has been offering fast food in its parent firm which is confined to the western nation’s culture. Many customers enjoy eating out and thus, MacDonald’s has provided outlets where they offer various foodstuffs to its consumers with different needs. The firm established its Asian outlets with expatriates and employees from its parent country, this brought challenges in relating to its customers and the society in this new environment.
The case of MacDonald’s is very valuable to evaluate the impact of cross cultural aspects regarding its operations, by taking into consideration a harmonious working relationship between the expatriates, local employees and customers. I was involved with MacDonald’s during its extension of their business externally to Asian market where they face challenges due to cross-cultural and communication differences. The only approach by which group members could work together to attain their objective regarding the organization is through realization of cultural differences and communication (Neyer & Harzing, 2008). Being an employee of MacDonald’s corporation, I was involved in communicatio...
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