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Marketing Case #2 Business & Marketing Case Study Paper (Case Study Sample)


DO NOT respond in numbered format, your answers to the questions posed MUST be in paragraph form.
Please read the case below and answer the questions posed.
The table below contains some top-level online results of a few websites that has invested in Google advertising. Your task is to determine how well they have performed and whether they should continue.
Site A Site B Site C
Impressions 10,000 10,000 10,000
CTR 10% 5% 1%
Site visitors 1,000 500 100
Conversion rate 1% 5% 10%
Actions completed by visitors 10 25 10

Why does Site A and Site C have the same number of actions completed, yet their other metrics are quite different? What are their respective strengths and weaknesses?
Based on these results, which website has performed the best? The worst?
What general advice would you have for each of them?


Why Site A and Site C have the same number of actions completes by visitors while their metrics are different
First, Site A and C have similar actions completed by visitors because of the way they structured their content to attract visitors. Both have the same number of impressions but different metrics up to ‘action complete.’ Site A had 10% Click through rate while Site C had only 1%. This means the ads created for Site A were captivating and prompted Google users to click through more. The click-through rate for Site C was only 1% and that means the content was probably shown to general google products users but very few people were interested in the product that was being promoted. Only 100 people clicked through the ads to Site C compared to thousand on Site A.

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