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Intermodal Transportation, Freight Transport System (Case Study Sample)


Assignment Instructions
Throughout the course, the subject of regulation and deregulation (government involvement or intervention) and its impact on intermodal transportation has been discussed. Chapter 15 discusses the role of government on fostering intermodal transport innovations. The author suggests that the US government should be the catalyst for innovations in intermodal transportation. He argues that industry, in a free market economy, has been limited in their ability to deliver these innovations. 
Do you agree or disagree with the author? Justify you position using historical examples (development of nuclear power has been led by the government; development of new technologies for DOD is primarily driven by industry) to support your argument.
Submissions should be a maximum of 2-3 pages.
Submission Instructions: Please attach the assignment in Word Format. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Intermodal Transportation
Student's Name
Intermodal Transportation
Many economies of the world depend significantly on freight transportation systems. The U.S. economy, in particular, relies on freight transportation systems for jobs and revenues in the form of taxes. In addition, the population relies on the system for commuting and freight movement (Holguín-Veras, Paaswell, & Perl, 2008). This means that they spent a significant portion of their income paying for transportation services. With the US transport system becoming part of the global network, it is important that innovations are encouraged. In addition, the transportation system contributes to face concern from the community and environmental groups due to its impact on public health. Therefore, there is a need for innovative developments to deal with the challenges in the freight transport system. I agree with Holguín-Veras, Paaswell, & Perl (2008) that the government has a huge role to play to foster innovation in the transportation.
The significance of freight transport system to the economy is a major reason for government intervention to drive innovation. With millions of jobs related to the transportation system and a global network demanding an increase in capacity, the government can develop initiatives tailored towards improving the system. The government can achieve this through increasing research funds in the research transportation system. The federal agencies like the National Science

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