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Case Study: Holt Renfrew - Edmonton (Case Study Sample)

Select a retail store. Visit the store like a mystery shopper - walk the aisles, look at the merchandise, perhaps make a purchase. Be observant. It is ok to take notes, but I suggest when you leave the store, the first thing you do is write down what you have observed. Do not disrupt the operations of the store. (IF anyone asks what you are doing, introduce yourself, shake their hand, and explain that you are completing a course project. Apologize if you were considered disruptive. Thank them if they have answered any questions for you.) Check out the retailer's online presence as well. Prepare a summary of your findings. What is the positioning statement for this retailer? Why do you believe this to be the case? What choices has this retailer made about depth and breadth of product carried pricing level of service store location integration of an online presence with the bricks and mortar store If this retailer wanted to increase traffic (or visitors) to the store, and asked you to develop a promotion plan to meet this objective, what would you recommend? And why? Marking Guide Total marks = 25 Note: up to 5 marks will be deducted for consistently poor spelling and grammar. Question 1 – 5 marks – based on clearly stating your points, well thought out rationale, answering each part of the question. Question 2 – 10 marks – two marks for each topic – based on clearly explaining your points, well thought out rationale Question 3 – 10 marks – based on creativity, thoughtfulness, relevance of the recommendations MUST be consistent with the marking guidelines above and everything mentioned in the guideline has to be discussed in the essay in details. source..

CASE STUDY: Holt Renfrew - Edmonton
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CASE STUDY: Holt Renfrew - Edmonton
Holt Renfrew is one of the stores in Edmonton that mainly deals in general apparels, fragrances and cosmetics. These brands in the store range from wedding garments, accessories to general clothing such as scarves, purses and courts. Some of the wedding designs identified in the store include Vera Watters, Wang, Amsale, Dessy, Jim Hjelm, and After Six. Designs that are sold in higher prices are those of Amsale and Vera Wang, while those that are cheaper include Dessy, Hjelm and After six.
Among the targets for this business enterprise are both ladies and gentlemen who need the best quality brands and also those planning for wedding parties. The designs in the store actually look appealing to visitors from the fact that they are indeed splendid and well displayed. There are also different fashions, styles and sizes that could meet different clients’ needs.
The personnel operating these stores are kind and compassionate in serving the people. From the discussion of the interviewer and the manager of the store, the decision to place the business in this locality was fuelled by the founder’s desire to see an organised shop that could be described as a “supermarket” of all types of apparrels. Moreover, there appeared to be few such stores in the area. Another assumption was that wedding planners have different considerations for their wedding plans; hence, these different considerations were to be put in mind.
There is also a beauty department in the store that sells things like Stila, Kiehls, Estee Lauder and Chanel fragrances. In the wedding department, there are elements such as invitation cards, wedding gifts, toasting flutes, guest b...
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