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Going into the Future with Pokémon Go (Case Study Sample)


3. The gaming industry is a fast-paced market with new technologies of AR/VR/MR. Besides IP protection concerns, Niantic has many issues at hand to grow further. With limited management time and attention, a choice needed to be made about the next steps the company should take: 
a) develop further the game itself  (work on licensing and partnerships), 
b) try to integrate Pokemon and Ingress' user base, 
c) develop new AR games, 
d)develop hardware to help users play the game or partner with hardware developers in the process 
e) or assist other game developers in adding AR to their games. 
What next steps should Niantic take to have a strong foothold in the gaming market?
Choose a few of them to talk about it.


Going into the Future with Pokémon Go
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Going into the Future with Pokémon Go
Taking into consideration the recent and growing craze that has skyrocketed Pokémon Go to the pinnacle of gaming popularity and success, it is only prudent that Niantic takes critical steps to capitalize on this success. In this respect, the steps that promise a brighter and more profitable future for Niantic are focusing on the further development of the game (through partnerships and licensing) as well as on the integration of Pokémon and Ingress' user bases.
There are a few reasons behind these selected steps. First off, Pokémon Go has managed to revitalize a game that is not only considered enjoyable by many, but which also has rich, deep, and interesting historical and cultural value. To this end, it is important to develop a consistent and loyal customer base that will provide long-term stability and profitability to Niantic long after the initial craze has died down. Seeing as many Pokémon Go players complained of poor server access and game

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