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Ford $5 a Day Job Business & Marketing Case Study Paper (Case Study Sample)


Case study. Links to video and question attached.


Ford $5 a Day Job
Ford $5 a Day Job
Question 1: Was the $5 a day wage good for employees?
The employees of Ford Motor Company highly benefited from the $5 a day wage. It improved standards of living because employees were required to meet some standards before becoming eligible for the $5 a day wage. The sociological department assessed their homes to make sure they did not have drinking problems (YouTube, 2016), which would allow them to save more instead of spending their earnings on drinks. Further, they also had access to loans after the announcement of the $5 a day wage, and could, therefore, take loans for personal development projects. Further, inspectors from the sociological department offered advice to employees on ways in which they can meet the requirements by utilizing the resources provided to them through the company.
The employees also benefited from an education program where they learned the English language. They also became Americanized because Ford wanted them to adjust to his way of life and do things his way. In this sense, the workers benefited from learning a new language, although one can say that they also lost some part of their culture by adopting the American’s way of life.

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