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Electric Automobile industry - strategic group map (Case Study Sample)

Assignment #3: Create a strategic group map of an industry that you find interesting (Electric Automobile industry). Remember, you are grouping firms that compete similarly. When constructing your group map remember to select characteristics for your 2X2 matrix that are not correlated to one another. For example, price vs. product breath, or price/Quality vs. Geographical Coverage. Once constructed, prepare a 2-3 page report (excluding appendices and work cited) relative to the group map. What does the map tell you? Are the circles close to one another; if so, what does that mean to you? Do you think some “areas” on the map are more attractive from a profitability standpoint? Why do you think so? If you can, try to identify any conclusion you might draws from movement that appears to be occurring that might cause another firm in another group to respond and give your best assessment of how you believe that movement might affect the competitive landscape. Find the attachment please. source..

Electric automobile industry – strategic group map.
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Electric automobile industry deals with the manufacturing of electric vehicles and these vehicles uses electric motors for propulsion. There are three kinds of electric vehicles under the category of those that directly power from an external source of power, those powered through the electric energy stored from the external power source and those powered by an electric generator like an internal combustion engine or a hydrogen fuel cell. I will elaborate on the grouping of electric automobile firms that simultaneously compete, mapping out characteristics that are correlative to one another.
The Tango is an electric sports car that is designed and built by commuter cars by an American company situated in Washington. The Tango is thinner and small enough in size than motorcycles. It has a sitting capacity of two passengers and only consumes only one quarter of parking space. This revolutionary tango vehicle combines the speed and agility of a motorcycle with the security of an excellent high performance sports car. Aptera motors are a multi-company that makes and manufactures high efficiency road vehicles. The cars produced by this automotive company in the recent past have manufactured three wheeled and two seatercar (Westbrook, 2001).
Aptera vehicles are considered to be light in weight with its excellent aerodynamic shape that will require a small engine to be efficient when on the roads. They have three wheels and they are registered as motorcycles however, the driver does not need a helmet or a unique or special license (Nieuwenhuis 2003). The vehicles have been configured in terms of a conventional engine, a hybrid and an electric battery. These vehicles h...
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