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Dragons' Den: Gluten Free Cakes That Were Presented By Sarah Hillary (Case Study Sample)


The TV shows listed above reflect what happens to Entrepreneurs /Marketers who want to make a success of their idea/product/service.

Choose one show and answer the following questions:

  1. Date and time.
  2. Choose one product/service being presented
  3. How much money where they asking for, and for what % of their business.
  4. Was the product/service protected, patented or registered.
  5. Did the Dragons invest in the entrepreneur’s idea, or did they renegotiate the deal with the entrepreneur/s, if so, what did they offer?
  6. In your opinion, was it a good idea, explain why.
  7. Citations/bibliography would strengthen the report.

The report must be word processed, and is worth 10 marks.

Gluten Free Cakes Name: Institution: Course: Date: Gluten Free Cakes The show was aired on Friday the 20th of October 2017 at 23:05 hours. The product of choice is the Gluten Free cakes that were presented by Sarah Hillary as the case one of the eighth season (Cektor, 2017). Sarah was asking the dragons to invest in her company for seventy thousand pounds for a five percent equity share. She is working with the registered company however she does not say anything about taking patents for the idea. This is generally given that gluten free products are not exactly new in the market. There have been other cakes in the past although as she puts it, were not as tasty. It is from this that she developed her idea into a company (Cektor, 2017). After pitching her idea, all the other dragons opt out of the business citing poor analysis of the financial projections and an overambitious price. However Lavani is ready to buy into the idea (Cektor, 2017). He changes the offer presented to seventy five thousand pounds and a forty percent equity share in the company. Sarah also manages to negotiate for a buy back on a portion of the equity if she hits the target in the first and second year of business (Cektor, 2017). The idea is not as appealing given that, it has been tried in t...
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