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Corporate Sustainability Project: Discuss Sustainable Business Practices (Case Study Sample)


You may use the Corporate Sustainability Primer paper directly to this Corporate Sustainability Project paper. This is allowed. Or just use this primer paper as a platform and outline on which to build and complete this project. I will attach the primer here...
Please use the feedback below made by my professor and expand from it:
SWOT - a reasonable start to the analysis. Presenting the information graphically in a Matrix is an effective way to summarize the information.
stakeholder review - lots of information
sustainability issues - Plenty of depth in the issues that you have identified. I think that your heading for d. is over-stated. Have conditions changed since the time that the original information was reported - well before the book was published in 2011? The support of collective bargaining is not necessarily a sustainability issue. Private-sector union membership in the United States was 6.5% in 2017, demonstrating that Walmart's policy is not atypical. Note: Public sector (taxpayer funded) membership stood at 34.4% last year.
Again, if you are using the primer just please take note of the feedback above.

For the final Corporate Sustainability Project, students will apply concepts from the course to ananalysis of an organization in the context of corporate sustainability. Throughout the course, welooked at business strategy and how sustainable business practices are potentially integrated intostrategic initiatives and systems in order to take advantage of the ‘triple bottom line’ or, better yet,‘quadruple bottom line’ (QBL) benefits of further value created through business activities.For this project, you will select a publicly traded corporation (or a large private enterprise for whichyou can find substantial information online) to assess along the Baldridge Criteria for PerformanceExcellence. You will need to be familiar with the Baldridge Criteria categories and items in order toassess the ability of your chosen firm to successfully apply sustainable business practices todeveloping the quadruple bottom line (QBL).The objective of the assignment is to give students the opportunity to assess alignment of corporatestrategy along topics relating to sustainability, demonstrating solid knowledge of concepts relating togeneral business and corporate sustainability.Contents of your final Corporate Sustainability Project paper (these are the sub-headers you will use)- Executive Summary – half-page; your approach to the project, review of sustainability issuesexplored, and summary of your conclusions- Introduction – half-page (approx.); your chosen firm and your paper’s topic- Organizational Profile – your chosen firm’s history, industry, and strategic position,including a discussion of the firm’s purpose (you may apply information directly from yourProject Primer)- Leadership – roles & responsibilities of leaders in creating a sustainable firm- Strategy – sustainability of the firm’s business strategy and purpose- Customers – customer engagement related to long-term market success & customerrelationships- Performance Measures – how performance measures align with sustainable businesspractice- Workforce – how the firm directs workforce practices and engagement toward creating ahigh-performance environment that adapts to change and maintains a supportive work climate- Operations – efficiency, effectiveness, innovation, & SCM relating to sustainable businesspractice- Results – at least one page; conclusions about what specific product, process, customer,workforce, leadership, and financial activities the firm should engage in to achieve greatersustainability (QBL)- References – alphabetized, all sources applied in full APA citationsFormat of your final Corporate Sustainability Project paper:- 7-10 pages double-spaced (or 5-6 pages single-spaced) Do not exceed max pages- MS Word document, Times New Roman, 12-point, single- or double-spaced- References section with at least 8 relevant, high quality sources cited in APA format- Save as FirstInitial+LastName_BUS635_Portfolio-Assignment_DateSubmitted (for example:tveach_BUS635_Portfolio-Assignment_03-10-2018.doc)- Upload the final product into TaskStream no later than Sunday night of Week 8The following represents the scoring rubric for your final Corporate Sustainability Project [BUS635Business Portfolio Assignment] for this course.


Corporate Sustainability Project
Executive Summary
Most business organizations have adopted sustainable business practices. These practices can be described as a process by which any business unit takes charge to manage factors in their organization. Among the factors that most organizations try to take charge include financial, environmental risks and obligations, opportunities for expansion and the business's obligation to the community, i.e., the cooperate business image CITATION Sha17 \l 1033 (Alijani & Karyotis, 2017). These factors have been commonly referred to profit, planet, and people. Sustainable practices can be in other word being taken as organizations being economically stable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible to the local community. The business unit has been established in such a way that they have to carry out some activities to ensure they attain sustainability. Among the activities that any organization should carry out include creation and maintenance of long financial value, ether top managers should ensure the actions of the organizations are environmentally friendly and that the business structure should care for the employees, customers and the surrounding community. For a business to be in control of all its operations, it is necessary to adopt a sustainability system that is well established and effective. Most companies in this age have proven to fight off competition by obtaining support from the community. This support can only be achieved by ensuring they have a good cooperate image. There has always been the need to adopt the sustainable business practice, and the Walmart Inc. is an excellent example of companies that are practicing viable business acts.
For this particular paper, I will thoroughly discuss sustainable business practices, and I have selected Walmart Inc. as my case study. This organization is located in America, and it has its operation running globally. The topic for this particular paper is sustainable business practices, how they can be established, how they can be maintained and how various organizations have enjoyed benefits arising from this strategy. The Walmart Inc. aims at reducing the cost incurred by its customers when obtaining groceries and thus it ensures that this particular organization efficiently handles its competitors. Among the adopted sustainable business practices taken by this company include Holding greenhouse gas emissions steady or driving them down while adding stores may be quite hard and issues in doubling fleet efficiency. This paper is going to critically analyze the various strategies adopted by this organization and the challenges encountered in the process.
Organizational profile
The need to enjoy the benefits of adopting sustainable business practices have led to Walmart Inc. being on the top list of the already established businesses. The Walmart Inc. is multinational retail cooperation that is found in America. This business unit takes the structure of a corporation, and it is known for operating a chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores and departmental stores that allow a discount. This particular business unit was evolved from Sam wanton's goal of creating exceptional value and service which was first opened and established in Arkansas in 1962 (Gunther, 2015). The Walmart Inc. is organized and has its headquarters in Bentonville. This organization has been found in such a way that it has invested a lot of resources in customer service. Among the funds that have been injected in to ensure better customer service include trained human resource who offers good customer relation services. Apart from improving the customer service, these company has also invested a lot of resources in ensuring its groceries are fresh, and it has accommodate...

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