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Mission Statement Analysis: Career Opportunities in Marketing (Case Study Sample)


Students may use the questions as a framework to answer and develop your case assignment. This would also include gathering secondary research. Although your opinion is warranted, it has to be backed by the research findings you include.
In addition:
1. Cite secondary sources: LIMIT OPINIONS TO THINGS YOU CAN SUPPORT WITH REFERENCES. Stay away from using terms such as "I think", "I feel", or "I believe" without support.
Make sure to include your Works Cited page. Remember that writing a marketing case is fundamentally about analyzing a business problem and locating information that can help you solve that problem. This information can be both primary data or secondary data. In any case, personal opinion is not enough. You need to find/include sources in your case. 
2. Make sure you draw conclusions. At the college level, the focus shifts from summarizing information to drawing conclusions about what you have read/learned into an actionable plan. That is what the conclusions are about. I realize that you are all beginning marketing students and your conclusions will be much different as your careers and education progress. Nevertheless, it is important that you become comfortable with making recommendations based on the information you found. That is at the heart of what a business pays for. There are ALWAYS hidden questions that must be answered such as "HOW" and "WHY".
3. Grammar/style. Please check your papers carefully for punctuation, run-on sentence and sentence fragment errors. You might consider using a friend/family member to review your paper or make use of the online writing center. For a business person in general--and a marketing professional in particular--being able to express your ideas grammatically and clearly is paramount.


Career Case Study
Mission Statement Analysis
The mission of a corporate showcases its purpose of existence and objectives in summary. For someone looking for a marketing career, the mission of the corporate is enough to give them a hint if they can carry on with their career in the same organization or not. StickerGiant is one of the fastest growing small businesses in the US that found itself in the Guinea Book of Records. The mission statement of the company says “StickerGiant helps people tell their stories, share their passions and get the word out about anything. StickerGiant delights people with our great attitude; we impress them with our service and provide a product thrills them. We make great stickers and labels, we do it quickly, and we have fun together doing it."
The above is a marketing-oriented mission. Burke Alex defines a market-oriented mission as one that focuses or purposes to satisfy the needs of its customers. There must be a match between the environment and the existing market data. Analyzing the above, the mission of the business is to impress its customers by providing them great products within the time limit. The employees' attitudes have also been influenced as seen in the mission and they delight in providing the customers with the best.
Career Opportunities in Marketing
The two marketing jobs of interest are marketing research and Advertising or Public Relations. Market research jobs interest me because originally, I like doing research- fieldwork. In addition to that, the jobs are very interesting as they involve field work mostly and interaction with different cultures. The industry is now booming with job opportunities streaming both at the national and international level. Lastly and most importantly, the jobs are lucrative.
Advertising or public relations is a close relative of the market research jobs. The findings after the research are put down, analyzed and assessed to come up with promotional campaigns of the product to excite the target market. The best job option of interest in this field is Advertising Media Planner. It is also a lucrative job and has many opportunities.
In the marketing research field, my interest goes to the marketing research analyst as a career. The requirements of this career are as follows; a credential of a standard bachelor's degree. For other jobs in the same field, a Master's degree may be necessary. The programs to be undertaken include; statistics and computer science, mathematics, marketing, business, economic and social sciences. An experience in the field as

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