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California milk advisory board case (Advertising Class) (Case Study Sample)

Find the attachment, read it, and then answer the discussion questions on page # 8 Thanks. source..
California Cheese Marketing and Advertising Name: Institution: The California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) has been promoting and marketing milk products from various milk companies. The board generated a milk seal for the milk products the Real California Cheese (RCC) in efforts to employ the strategy of integrated marketing. This seal goes on all the milk products in California for sale in restaurants, food manufacturers, and the mass grocery and specialty food store. All the qualifying companies use the seal on their promotional materials such as coupons, menus, and or point of sale materials. The CMAB have exercised several other marketing strategies such as hiring advertising companies, promotional campaigns, media and channels and trade promotion. Integrated marketing is a firm or a company employs different methods of marketing together to have a successful impact on the market. The CMAB decided to use the emotions to have people identify with the contentment with the cheese from California. In the adverts, they use humorous speaking cows that portray their happiness and this connects the consumer with the value of the California cheese hence the use of the tagline “happy cows”. In all the adverts the cows graze peacefully indicating that good cheese comes from California. Additionally, there is the use of the RCC website URL in all the adverts. The RCC certification mark played a major role in the implementation of the positioning and the use of the IMC programs in that it gave the consumers the sense of quality. Once the consumers learn that different companies have the mark of quality they build trust with the cheese. The mark made a difference because after its use in the awareness campaigns the consumers increased as the statistics indicated. The advertising has been vital for the pers...
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