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Butler Systems

Butler Systems Read Case 6: Butler Systems in your text. In a 1-2 page, APA style paper, provide a brief summary of the case and main points, and answer the following questions. - As the VP of operations, what is your assessment of the battery shortage problem, and what actions would you take and why? - What is the buying organization's role in selecting and qualifying potential suppliers? Reference: Benton, W.C. Jr. (2010), Purchasing and supply chain management (2nd edition), New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin.
Case Study: Butler Systems Name: Professor: Course title: University: Date Due: Butler Systems Case 6: Brief summary of the case and main points The case in question involves Butler Systems Company, which is in a binding contract with SDX Company. Butler Systems specializes in the manufacture of power conditioning equipment as well as environmental control systems and relies on battery supplies from SDX. Butler Systems uses HD-5 battery as the main component for emergency supply system (Benton, 2010). SDX is in a five-year contract with Butler Systems for the supply of batteries. However, SDX has not supplied adequate quantities of batteries to Butler Systems for two months. Moreover, SDX changed their battery prices without informing Butler Systems early enough as their contract agreement requires. This shortage of batteries and change in battery prices has affected Butler Systems operations. As the VP of Operations, what is your assessment of the battery shortage problem? My assessment of the battery shortage problem is that SDX Company is failing to meet its contractual obligations regarding battery supplies to Butler Systems. The contract requires the supplier to ensure it observes a service rate that is complete and satisfying (Benton, 2010). From the contract agreement between Butler Systems and SDX, the obligation of th...
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