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Differences between Burger King and McDonald's Sandwich using the 4ps of marketing. Case Study (Case Study Sample)

Case 1 Many might argue there is little difference between a Burger King Whopper and the McDonald's Big Mac. Let's look at the differences and similarities using the 4 Ps of marketing: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Discuss the similarities and differences of each "P" in the Marketing mix. What makes them different? Case 2 When you think of certain countries you may automatically think of certain exports: France/wine... Switzerland/chocolate, watches. Take a different country such as Brazil... does anything come to mind? What about the US? What does the rest of the world see us as exporting? What are the pros and cons to a country being strongly associated to a particular product? What or how does a country go about changing such a perception? Instruction in answering question: 1) Clearly identified the marketing issue being discussed 2) Applies marketing terms to the specific situation 3) Supports the answer with arguments (facts, numbers, events from the real life situation) 4) List the sources of information source..

Case Study
Case study
Case 1
Differences between Burger King and McDonald's Sandwich using the 4ps of marketing
1 Product
The various ingredients used can affect the way a product sales. Starting with McDonalds Big Mac, it has a high fat content, which is approximately 550 calories without mayo. This is too high for consumption as most health professional are against it. However, the sandwich is too good to notice any of the risks associated with it (Marketing &Advertising ::, n.d.). On the other hand, Burger King`s Whopper differs slightly, but it is to some extend similar to McDonalds Big Mac. Burger King`s Whopper has an estimate of 560 calories, and its taste is different from McDonald`s Big Mac.
2 Price
Customer`s perception of the value of a given product is an essential determinant of the price to be charged. Charging a product low price can create a perception that it is of low quality. In America, the cost of Big Mac is $3.59, although this price varies from one store to another. On the other hand, the price of a whooper is $3.69 (Melnick, 2012). Considering the two, Big Mac a...
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