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Boutique Hotels: Operational Challenges (Case Study Sample)


Case Study: Boutique Hotels
Read the Boutique Hotels case study on pages 100 – 101 of your textbook, and answer the three questions at the end.
1. What are the operational challenges associated with developing new boutique hotels?
2. What can we learn from the mass customization of tangible goods that can be applied to the mass customization of services (boutique hotels)?
3. How can boutique hotels maintain a consistent/ standard level of service without compromising their unique/ personalized service mission?


Boutique Hotels
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April 19, 2018
1. What are the operational challenges associated with developing new boutique hotels?
1. Due to its primary focus on providing service that is superior, personalized, and chic some of the operational challenges that boutique hotels are facing are (1) decreasing operational expense, (2) keeping the current market base, and (3) creating strategic partnerships and alliances (Gupta, 2016). The main reason why it would inevitably struggle to decrease operational expense is that these days most of the boutique hotels focus on personalized service, not only by having a superior customer and staff interaction, but also a unique atmosphere. Some of these hotels, for example, have different rooms with different themes, which would cost more to renovate and maintain, than hotels with similar rooms. Another operational challenge would be keeping the current market base. As discussed, most boutique hotels rely on its stylishness and uniqueness as compared to other hotels. Thus, customers would usually try different hotels every time they stay to have different experiences. Also, creating strategic partnerships and alliances would also be difficult for starting a boutique hotel

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