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Describe Benefits Of Outsourcing To Any Organization (Case Study Sample)


This is teacher's requirement:"Review the Wilson Bros Case Scenario, then answer the following questions in the attachments. 
Contracting OUT a major Labour Force Trend in Canadian companies today. 
Use your knowledge and the Internet to help you with this assignment."
Thank you so much!


Individual Assignment: Case Study
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1 Identify/describe 3 benefits of outsourcing to any organization? (6 marks)
Outsourcing is a cost-saving strategy. The cost is lower with better quality of the services delivered.
Increased efficiency due to the competence of the contracted firm in dealing with such services.
Improved focus on key areas of business processes thus, leading to higher value-added products and services by an organization.
2 Identify/describe 3 risks of outsourcing to any organization? (6 marks)
Sharing of pertinent information with a supplier would lead to exposure of intellectual property to manipulation.
Implications of quality compromise or failure would occur causing damage to company reputation and profits.
Failure by the supplier to deliver. This affects firm operations especially under transportation where the dependency on production and sales is high.
3 Explain 3 benefits (6 marks) an

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